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Here is how we offer you the best advice on e cigarettes:

A Careful Study

Over here, care is taken to ensure that each electronic cigarette brand is studied carefully and all relevant information pertaining to the ingredients, the product, the manufacturing procedure, the distribution procedure, the hygiene, the cost effectiveness as well as the consumer feedbacks are taken into consideration before compiling the final review.

Consumer Centric Approach

At Tech-Cigarette, you finally get to read a review which is so “consumer centric” that you can actually choose the best E Cigarette without bothering to spend tonnes of money and your precious time researching for the same.

Elite Review Panel

One of the main reasons why this website is accurate and flawless in terms of the written content and the reviews is owing to the elite review panel which supervises each write-up. The elite review panel at comprises of the leading smoke critics, de-addiction specialists as well as chain smokers from across the globe. Using their experience in the field of cigarettes and the effects of smoking on a daily basis, they conduct an in-depth research on all leading e-cigarette brands in the niche and weigh their pros and cons against each another.

In Depth Research & Analysis

Interestingly, the e cig product review at is conducted after a detailed group discussion amongst the review panel wherein each individual expresses his/her opinion based on the accumulated facts and cross checks the reports with an expert in that particular field. For example, if a chain smoker is reviewing an E Cig brand, then he would gather facts from various sources and discuss de-addiction tips with a de-addiction expert only and vice-versa.

Perfect E Cig Brand Suggestions

Whether you belong to the category of smokers who would like to quit smoking regular cigarettes for the sake of your health or you happen to belong to the category of the eco friendly smokers, who wishes to quit smoking for the benefit of others (passive smokers), then Tech-Cigarette has the appropriate means to offer the best advice on alternative smoking devices. The elite review panelists at would guide you to the best electric cigarettes available internationally, which you may use as the most suitable alternative to tobacco cigars.

Top 10 Brands of 2012

Since our electronic cigarette reviews have been designed to help people choose the E Cig brand which is best suited for them, you can actually feel the personal touch while reading these reviews. This would help you select that e cig brand which suits your lifestyle the most.

Finally-A Smile On Your Face

To make your choice easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 selling E Cigarette brands across the globe and then spent extensive time researching on each e cig brand before giving them a rating. These ratings are solely based on the customer feedbacks, the unbiased research from our expert review panel as well as the latest market reports.

So, go right ahead and make the right choice after reading the top 10 Electronic Cigarette Reviews compiled just for YOU.

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