Jerry happened to be a chain smoker who had been smoking regular cigarettes for the past 30 years. While he realized rather well how deadly tobacco smoke was, he just couldn’t quit, until of course he discovered electronic cigarettes. Here are some tips which Jerry has shared with us for those who would like to quit smoking tobacco.

Choose a Time and Date

First of all, you need to set a time and date when you would like to quit smoking. By setting a date and time, you actually allow your subconscious mind to prepare itself well in advance. This also makes your task easier. Jerry also stated that you need to choose a date which is not too far off else you may lose your motivation. Try and share this with all your friends as this would ensure that you remain aware that you simply cannot let them down.

Be Healthy

According to Jerry, you tend to smoke when you do not lead a healthy lifestyle. So, to ensure that you avoid the nicotine craving, you need to indulge in regular exercise sessions and consume a healthy diet. Try and go for a morning jog every alternate day and consume raw salads or juice occasionally. When your mind and body are healthy, your craving for smoking tobacco would automatically reduce. Instead, you would be prompted towards adopting healthier habits.

Steer Clear of Troubles Which Make You Smoke

Jerry had a problem of visiting nightclubs way too often. Probably owing to this very reason, he started smoking cigarettes as most other people in the pub did the same. He also used to get depressed because of his sour relationship with his wife. So, he simply quit visiting pubs and bars and learnt not to stress himself way too often with regards to his “not so happy” relationship with his spouse. This actually helped curb his craving for smoking cigarettes on a daily basis.

Jerry Used an Electronic Cigarette

What finally helped Jerry quit tobacco was e cigarettes. After smoking e cigs for a week, he realized that these devices actually tasted just like ordinary cigarettes although they were completely devoid of tobacco. In fact, as per Jerry, electronic cigarette helped him experience the “nicotine hit”, which he could only experience while smoking regular cigarettes. This is what prompted him to switch to e cigs and lead a tobacco free existence.

So, if you really wish to live longer and enjoy a healthy life, you need to quit smoking today. In fact, you can learn how to quit tobacco by using best nicotine replacement method, which also enjoys the highest success rate the world over—Electronic Cigarette.