Smoking tobacco is highly addictive and most smokers are aware of the ill effects of smoking tobacco, yet they form a strong wall of denial and avoid accepting the harsh truth which is directly linked t smoking cigarettes. The biggest lie which smokers usually associate them with is that as cancer does not run in their genes, they too would not be affected by it. Nonetheless, with time, this wall too crumbles as some or the other illness starts to trouble smokers and they realize that they wee no longer as safe as they had thought of themselves to be.

5 shocking facts on tobacco cigarette

Listed below is five of tobacco smoking shocking facts that have taken the entire world by storm:

# The first shocking fact is the total number of individuals who smoke cigarettes across the globe. It has been ascertained that over 1.1 billion people smoke cigarettes across the globe. As per the current statistical data, this number is sure to increase and by the year 2025, the total number of smokers smoking cigarettes should be touching 1.6 billion.

# The largest consumer of cigarettes is apparently China, wherein over 1.7 trillion cigarettes are consumed on an annual basis. With a population of over 300 million smokers, China is known to consume over three million cigarettes in a single minute.

# When the entire world is taken into consideration, then each minute over 10 million cigarettes are purchased. As a matter of fact, each day, over 15 billion cigarettes are purchased and if the annual number is taken into consideration then over five trillion cigarettes are sold in a single year globally.

# Another shocking fact which is linked with the smoking industry is that the weight of the cigarette filters is as much as two billion pounds. This is an exact figure if we are to measure the weight of 5 trillion cigarette filters.   

# Last but not the least, filters in their trillions are discarded into the atmosphere on an annual basis and these include toxic fumes as well.

These five shocking facts simply state the pitiable condition of billions of smokers as well as passive smokers who are exposed to the deadly tobacco smoke on a daily basis. With each passing day, the number of smokers is increasing and this endangers more and more passive smokers as well. These passive smokers have never even once smoked a cigarette and are innocent, yet are exposed to the deadly second hand smoke.