Cigarettes are being smoked on a regular basis. It has also been noticed that people from all walks of lives prefer to smoke cigarettes even though they are well aware that smoking cigarettes can prove to be fatal for the human bodies. Nonetheless, there are several governing bodies such as the Minnesota Department of Health, which is trying their level best to ensure that cigarette smoking incidences are reduced to a great extent. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why the taxation policy has witnessed a drastic makeover and has seen changes which were not thought off before.

In the state of Minnisota, over five thousand individuals are known to die each year owing to cigarette smoking. Republican legislators, numbering two in all, decided to do something about this and in a bid to curb the rising tobacco related deaths, they have decided to raise the tax slabs on smokers by a considerable margin. As per Mike Benson, who also happens to be a republican legislators, “Our main focus is to ensure that the total number of tobacco related deaths are drastically reduced and people freed from tobacco related illnesses completely.”

A bill which was raised with regards to the hike in taxes was officially announced at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge. The proposed bill was to be made in such a manner that people who wish to purchase another pack of cigarettes would be dissuaded from doing so. As per the proposed bill, the taxes on cigarette packs would be raised by a considerable margin, which in turn would ensure that the cigarette pack rates would be almost doubled. At the same time, the total revenue amassed by this increased taxation would help the government to rake in over $320 million on an annual basis.

As per the legislators, this money would be used to recover the money that was earlier borrowed from the schools during the budget compromise in the year 2011. In fact, as per the legislators, the general property tax rates too would be drastically reduced owing to the increased taxation. According to Senator Nelson, “The proposed bill would not only be a boon for the education system, it would also prove to be a boon for the students and it would also make us all in becoming more and more job friendly.”

According to the proposed bill, the total price of a single cigarette pack would be increased by $1.29, which in turn would ensure that the tax returns from the same of a single pack of cigarettes would be $ $2.52. While chain smokers do not at all like this bill and are expressing this displeasure, innocent passive smokers including leading health departments are of the opinion that this bill if passed would bring about a drastic change in the society and reduce the total number of deaths prevalent in the society owing to tobacco smoking.

It has also been noticed that more and more people nowadays prefer to puff on an electronic cigarette and have started to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes permanently. This is simply owing to the very simple fact that regular cigarettes are devoid of tobacco. At the same time, they are also relatively free from the highly offensive second hand smoke, which is always present in regular cigarettes.