According to several experts, it has been noticed that owing to cigarette warnings which are pasted on the packs of regular cigarettes, those smokers who have decided to quit smoking permanently, may steer clear of  getting addicted to cigarettes again. According to this new international study, it has been revealed that ex-smokers are less likely to light up if they see graphic labels on cigarette packs. This study is being considered vital for the implementation of the graphic labels on cigarette packs, which is to be determined by the Food and Drug Administration this September. Apparently, the study should help policymakers in the United States to reach to an effective solution to counter the tobacco menace.  

As per the study, ex-smokers need to be reminded about the health complications linked to smoking cigarettes as compared to new smokers. As per Dr. Ron Borland, the leader of the research, “the research throws light on the fact that cigarette warnings can help deter ex-smokers to a great extent. Owing to the anti smoking messages on cigarette packs, smokers are forced to think twice before attempting to smoke cigarettes again.” The concept of public health messaging is a hot topic in the United States and the Food and Drug Administration has already considered the implementation of extreme graphic labels on cigarette packs.

At present, the courts are determining whether such graphic labels should be incorporated on cigarette packs. The fact remains that a label depicting a smoker inhaling through a trachoma pipe and a label depicting a child as well as a mother enveloped in a cloud of smoke have already been composed. According to several experts, such extreme smoking images would certainly help people reduce their smoking urges, thereby reducing the total number of smokers in the United States by a wide margin. It has also been reported that whenever commercials depicting extreme health complications linked to smoking cigarettes are aired, the total number of calls made to the quit smoking department increase considerably. This clearly shows that such ads definitely help motivate smokers to quit smoking.

Since the year 2000 in Canada, such labels have been pasted on cigarette packs, which in turn have reduced the total number of smokers in the country drastically. In Australia, ninety percent of cigarette covers depict such labels and this has been implemented by the Australian government since the year 2006. Text-only warnings have been put in place in the United Kingdom, which cover almost 40% of the cigarette packs. All this has helped reduce the total number of smokers in the country. Surveys were conducted on this between the year 2002 and 2009 and it was found that over 58% quit cigarettes permanently. The subjects were studies for a period of one year.

Those subjects who were of the opinion that the cigarette labels were helpful had a relapse rate of 41%, whereas those who considered these messages to be not worthwhile, had a relapse rate of 50%. As per a report which was published in Tobacco Control, it has been ascertained that unless and until governments of various countries take stringent actions against cigarette smoking, rates of smokers would not fall over the next two decades.