Millions of individuals wish to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes but they often fail in their attempt. In order to ensure that they succeed in their mission, the following steps should ideally be taken into consideration. First of all, you need to establish a date when you would like to quit smoking. At the same time, experts are of the opinion that you also need to see if any other smoking friend of yours is ready to accompany you in quitting smoking. Two people trying to quit smoking prove to be more effective than a single person trying to quit smoking regular cigarettes.

It has also been suggested by De-addiction experts that you need to keep a close watch over all those activities which prompt you to start smoking cigarettes. You need to ask yourself why you start to feel the urge to smoke a cigarette in the very first place. Of the several possible reasons, you may feel like smoking when you are sipping tea or when you start to feel stressed and also when you are driving your vehicle. While preparing to quit smoking, you need to place your cigarettes in a confined place and while smoking, simply think why you indulge in this habit in the very first place.

While quitting smoking, it has been highly recommended by experts that the concerned individual needs to find a place wherein he/she can smoke. This implies that smokers should ideally choose their smoking zone and not deviate from it. For example, if you smoke in the lobby, smoke in the lobby only and no where else. When you are off to the lobby to smoke a cigarette, you should take a moment off and think of doing any other activity, which is different from smoking. This could mean sipping coffee or even riding a bike. When you do so, you are taking your mind off smoking cigarettes. This in turn acts as a positive diversion.

Last but not the least, when you are preparing to quit smoking permanently, try and seek ways and means of hating your cigarettes. This can be achieved by seeking a brand of cigarettes which you do not like at all. When you start to smoke this brand of cigarettes, you would feel repulsed and quit smoking altogether. At the same time, you can always try and distract your mind by opting to go out for a movie or take a hike in the nearby hills. It has also been noticed that smokers who are fond of eating a particular kind of food, often feel lesser need to smoke cigarettes after they have rewarded themselves with such a meal.

Last but not the least, it has also been noticed that smoking enthusiasts from across the globe prefer puffing on an electronic cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes, as these devices are smokeless in nature. It has also been confirmed that e cigarettes are free from tobacco and the highly offensive second hand smoke, which in turn emits from regular cigarettes. Puffing on e cigs is also considered as an effective means of quitting regular cigarettes.