With the rise in the number of smokers, the fact remains that fatalities that are directly linked to cigarette smoking are also on a steady increase. The past year, it was revealed by the American Cancer Society that tobacco killed over six million people. The country which suffered the most happened to be China. Apparently, China also happens to be the largest tobacco consumer in the world. This report was approved by the World Lung Foundation.

If the current trend is allowed to continue, then by the end of this century alone, over a billion deaths would be directly linked to tobacco consumption. It has also been reported that out of every five deaths caused by tobacco use, four belonged to individuals who fell in the low income group. During the past decade, deaths caused by tobacco use have increased three folds and the main reason behind this is the increase in the production of cigarettes. At the same time, in low income countries, the cost of cancer prevention drugs too has become cheaper, leading people to become careless with their smoking habits.


According to Judith Mackay, who also happened to be the co author of this report, the tobacco companies earned a whooping $500 billion in the year 2010, with regards to the annual tobacco sales. It was also revealed that the top five tobacco companies raked in a profit of $35.1 billion. Judith Mackay, went on to state that, “Simply because of their sheer size as well as the amount of profits it generates, the tobacco industry happens to be amongst the top 10 industries in the world.”

Judith Mackay, who happens to be an advisor to the World Lung Foundation as well as a practicing physician, was not at all pleased to read the report, which she herself had compiled. Nonetheless, governments of several countries are now trying to implement certain stringent actions to curb smoking, which apparently is in complete sync with the plan laid down by the World Health Organization’s tobacco control mechanism. This global treaty was signed by 174 countries. While several measures are being implemented by governments of various countries to curb smoking, the fact remains that a lot more needs to be done to achieve this aim.

Ban on advertisements which are making false claims on tobacco cigarettes, implementing graphic labels on cigarette packs and opting for a smoke free legislations are a few such steps that need to be taken by the governments of various countries to reduce tobacco consumption. Without a shadow of a doubt, if all these steps are taken into consideration, then the chances are that new smokers would be deterred from smoking regular cigarettes, as they would be aware of the dangers that are associated with smoking cigars.

It has been noticed that nowadays, smokers have started quitting regular cigarettes and they have started puffing on electronic cigarettes instead. One of the main reasons behind this move is the lack of tobacco content in an e cigarette. Besides, the lack of smoke in an electric cigarette makes this device safer than regular cigars. At the same time, an e cig is priced lower than a regular cigarette, which in turn proves to be a star attraction for the budget conscious smoker.