Tobacco cigarettes, with the brand names of Bishop as well as Niagara, have been known to be cultivated, processed and then branded as regular cigarettes, by the Indian tribes in the United States. The townships of Syracuse as well as Utica, have been known to be manufacturing these cigarettes, which have been locally manufactured by the Indian tribes.  A pack of ten cartons of regular cigarettes over here sells for as low as $39.95, which is undoubtedly quite low as compared to several other non-Indian based cigarette manufacturing brands in the United States. It has also been noted that these cigarettes are sold and they are in great demand. In fact, millions of dollars of revenue has been known to have been generated through the cigarettes sales, which in turn have helped the locals develop a casino, five golf courses, as well as production house.

The leader of the Oneidas, Ray Halbritter stated that the tribe has been living in abject poverty for over 200 years, so it was time that they did something which brought a change in their existing lifestyle. In some way or the other, the locally branded cigarettes are able to remain free of the heavy taxation duties which are usually applied to most other cigarettes brands that are operations within the states. Nonetheless, the locals often fear that their products would be ceased by the government authorities. Apparently, a sixty thousand carton of cigarettes was ceased on the borders by the US authorities, which has scared the tribe owners as such an act hampers their ability to earn money.

Apparently, cigarettes that are manufactured within reservations are ideally exempted from the extra duties, which are being levied upon by the government on cigarettes. As per the United States government, they have tried in the past but have failed to collect taxes from these tribes, with regards to the sale of cigarettes. In the first half of last year itself, the government claimed that the cigarettes manufactured within the reservation area sold over 9.6 million cartons. This is why the government feels that taxes should be applicable in these cigarette brands as well. Nonetheless, the Indian tribes residing amidst the reservation areas feel otherwise and they strongly resent any attempt which the US authorities make to impose taxes, or attempts made for collecting the same.

Over here, an ideal solution as per several health practitioners would be to establish electronic cigarette manufacturing units. As an e cigarette is free from tobacco as well as the highly offensive second hand smoke, it would be relatively free from the high taxes that are imposed on regular cigarettes. At the same time, electric cigarettes would also ensure that smoking enthusiasts from all over the globe are being provided with a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, which is both cheaper than the former as well as safer. This is one of the main reasons why e cigs are considered to be the safest bet when it comes to continuing smoking cigarettes without causing harm to the human body.