Tobacco cigarettes have dominated the smoking industry for several decades. Despite the health hazards related to smoking regular cigarettes, the fact remains that more and more people are getting influenced by regular cigarettes and becoming chain smokers with each passing day. This is one of the main reasons why health agencies are gravely concerned about the way regular cigarettes are being advertised by the big tobacco companies. Incidentally, large tobacco companies advertise their products in such a manner that they compel teenagers as well as adults to start smoking cigarettes. The lure of smoking cigarettes created by these advertisements is so great that even people who had never thought of smoking a single cigarette in their lives, have begun smoking regularly.

As per a report that was published in the American Journal of Public Health., it has been clearly revealed by the Australian researchers that the big tobacco companies are portraying to the government as though they are advertising the ill effects of smoking cigarettes to the masses but in reality, they are simply luring young and innocent teenagers towards cigarette smoking. For example, the advertisement titled the ‘Talk’, which was focused on informing parents to stop their children from smoking cigarettes, turned in the favor of the smoking companies, as after watching this add, more and more youngsters showcased their intent for smoking regular cigarettes.

As per psychologists, it is a well known fact that teenagers who fall in the age group of 15 to 17 years, have been known to resist any authoritative intent which has been passed on from their parents. This is one of the main reasons why teenagers simply loved the advertisement which tobacco companies such as Philip Morris developed. The advertisement campaign, “Talk-They’d Listen”, completely failed to convince teenagers to stop using cigarettes because the message placed in the advert directly suggested parents to intervene and stop their teenage children from smoking cigarettes. Most youths were of the opinion that when elders can smoke cigarettes then why should they not be permitted to do the same.

Similarly, the anti smoking advertisement campaign initiated by Big Tobacco, proved to have the same impact and it simply failed to deter smoking enthusiasts who belonged to the teenage smoking category, to quit smoking cigarettes. Several ads by Big Tobacco simply stated that smokers should opt for those cigarettes which contain lesser amounts of nicotine content. Owing to this very reason, millions of smokers switched to smoking light cigarettes. In the year 2003, the Cancer Council Victoria conducted a study, which clearly stated that the only advertisement campaigns that really worked in getting chain smokers to quit smoking were those campaigns which depicted graphic images of those smokers who suffered from cancer, cardiac arrests as well as chronic respiratory tract infections.

Apparently, the only solution which seems to work in the favor of smokers is an electronic cigarette. Incidentally, the main reason why smokers prefer an e cigarette as compared to a regular cigarette is the lack of tobacco content in e cigs. Besides being cheaper, an electric cigarette is also smokeless in nature and it is permitted by law to be freely smoked in public places as well.