A Brief Overview:

The Apollo electric cigarette is a well known brand in the international smoking niche. This brand has been known to manufacture electric cigarette accessories of all kinds. These include starter kits, cartomizers, electric cigars, e-juices, electric cigarette accessories as well as disposable electric cigarettes. Hence, the options which smokers have are immense and they can simply pick and choose the products, which they feel are the best suited for their personal use. The electric cigarettes manufactured by Apollo Cigs use the latest two piece design. The electronic cigarettes offer thick and voluminous vapor content with the aid of their long lasting lithium ion batteries. Shipping is free and the company offers a 30 day full money back guarantee, along with, a one year warranty on its products.

Starter Kits:

Apollo Standard Starter Kit- While this brand offers several starter kits, the most popular kit happens to be the Apollo Standard Starter Kit. This kit is priced at $69.95 and includes a charger case, two batteries, a wall adaptor, a wall charger, a pack of five cartomizers and a free disposable e cig worth $12. This kit is ideal for those who smoke a pack of cigarettes daily.


Apollo Extreme Starter Kit- This kit is priced at $54.95 and it includes a regular VTube, an atomizer, a rechargeable battery, a carry case, a battery charger and a drip tip. This kit is perfect for those who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes daily.

Apollo E- Juices and Flavors- This brand is also known to manufacture e juices. The company claims that these juices do not include the 4000+ harmful chemicals, which are usually present in regular cigarettes. Even the flavors are diverse and they include Coffee, Vanilla, Menthol, Cherry and Tobacco. The biggest asset of using Apollo electric cigarettes is the ability to enjoy over 300 puffs from a single cartridge.

The E Cigars- This brand is also known for manufacturing smokeless cigars, which resemble the regular cigars. In the kit, a smoker can hope to get an e cigar device, two rechargeable batteries, five cartridges and a wall charger. The price of this kit is $79.95 but for a limited time period, Apollo electric cigarettes are offering a $10 discount on this kit. Hence, it is now priced at $69.95.

The Apollo Disposable Electric Cigarettes- As the name suggests, the Apollo disposable electric cigarettes are perfect for a one time use and ideally suited for those smokers who are always on the move. The price of each disposable e cig is $12 and above the order of $60, smokers are offered a free disposable cig as well. Smokers can choose from two color options, which include black and white and four nicotine levels. There are five flavors in the offering.

Main Features of Apollo Electric Cigarettes:

Absence of tar, second hand smoke and ash

Devoid of harsh chemicals present in regular cigarettes

Ability to use Apollo electric cigarettes in public places

Lack of outsourcing, as lab testing and quality control is managed within the country

Voluminous vapor content with each electric cigarette

The lithium ion batteries manufactured by Apollo last 30% longer than most batteries

Affordable pricing and a good customer service

Final Verdict:

While Apollo electric cigarette brand has several goodies to offer, we recommend that you try the Apollo Electric Cigar Kit, as well as the Apollo Standard Kit, to get an idea of the vapor volume and taste.