Smoking cigarettes is an act which should be done away with. While millions smoke cigarettes the world over, the fact remains that numerous dreaded diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrests as well as respiratory tract infections which are fatal in nature often stricken smokers on a regular basis. This is why quitting tobacco cigarettes are considered to be the most optimal solution for those who are habitual of smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

Smoking a regular cigarette is considered addictive as it contains nicotine, which in turn attracts smoking enthusiasts and leaves them craving for more. Owing to this very reason, this highly addictive substance is difficult to quit but not impossible to quit. Over 400,000 people in the United States are known to lose their lives annually owing to cigarette smoking. It has also been reported that the chances of an individual who smokes cigarettes are greatly increased when he/she smokes cigarettes.

Besides causing lung cancer, several other kinds of cancers are directly linked to tobacco smoke. In fact, second hand smoke plays a major role in jeopardizing the overall health of infants, up to the age of eighteen months. Over 300,000 cases of pneumonia are reported in infants annually, which have been caused by second hand smoke. Even similar cases of bronchitis have been reported annually amongst infants. It has also been clinically proven that in case both the parents smoke in a family, the child is twice as likely to take up smoking regular cigarettes as compared to a house wherein parents do not smoke regular cigarettes.

It has also been clinically proven that mothers who smoke tobacco filled cigarettes are likely to deliver babies that are underweight and hence, the overall health of such babies are always in a jeopardy.  As per the latest medical reports, if mothers are to quit smoking cigarettes permanently, the lives of over 4000 babies can be saved on an annual basis. Without a shadow of a doubt, it has been medically proven that non smokers suffer more than regular smokers after inhaling the highly toxic cigarette fumes. This is simply because when the cigarette fumes emit from the lungs of the smoker, they become even more toxic.

Smoking can therefore be termed as a destructive addiction, which needs to be done away with permanently. While millions of smokers die a ghastly death each year, people continue to smoke cigarettes and become addictive to tobacco cigars on a daily basis. Even when people are aware that smoking regular cigarettes causes fatal ailments, they still continue to smoke cigarettes as quitting regular cigarettes is a very tough ordeal. This is when the need of the hour is to ensure that smokers are provided with a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are ideal and even regular physical exercise is considered effective in ensuring that smokers steer clear of cigarette smoking. To avoid harming the health of others around you, smokers need to quit smoking tobacco and indulge in healthy physical activities instead. In fact, smokers have started puffing on e cigarettes as they are free from tobacco and the highly offensive second hand smoke.