In a recent update, it has been revealed that the Food and Drug Administration, considers a special variety of tobacco, which in turn is manufactured in such a manner that it can be dissolved, to be much safer when compared to tobacco that is either chewed or smoked in the form of a regular cigarette.  Nonetheless, the fact remains that this claim or suggestion, needs to be further researched upon and only after this fact has been scientifically studied and analyzed, that a final statement can be officially issued.  This is apparently one of the main reasons why tobacco which can be consumed in a dissolved state, is still under the scanner and research is still on to ascertain whether this kind of a substance is actually safer in comparison to the regular tobacco or not.

For those of you who are still unaware of what a dissolved tobacco stands for, then the most apt answer to this question would be to visualize a tablet, which is made from tobacco, which in turn can be completely dissolved the instant it enters the user’s mouth. Without a shadow of a doubt, not many tobacco users are actually aware of the existence of dissolved tobacco, nonetheless the fact remains that this product is quickly gaining popularity amongst the masses, especially amongst chain smokers, who are seeking a way out from their highly dangerous habit.  Nonetheless, it would be a while before smoking enthusiasts are able to ascertain the true flavors of dissolved tobacco.

As per expert research analysts, dissolved tobacco tablets are chewable in nature and they are made from tobacco that has been processed via the milling procedure. Once again, the main reason why dissolved tobacco tablets have a very small market share is simply because there is still a lot of research work, which is pending in this field and hence, it would be a while before a final report is prepared and officially published for people to read. Nonetheless, as per several expert research analysts, such a report would be published very soon, as efforts are on to ensure that more and more people are made aware of this new product as soon as possible.

While there are several reasons why this new product was launched in the first place, the fact remains that the main reason behind its production can well be attributed to the declining market for cigarettes. With each passing day, more and more individuals are quitting regular cigarettes as this product is considered to be harmful for the human body.  It has also been noticed that chain smokers are quitting tobacco cigarettes and opting for electronic cigarettes instead. Hence, the main reason why this product was launched by major tobacco companies was to ensure that in the near future, the demand for tobacco continues to grow, through a safe and secure medium.

The overall success of this new product shall be determined only when it has been fully tested and its results analyzed. Nonetheless, some market analysts are of the opinion that dissolved tobacco tablets may prove to be as popular as e cigarettes. While this may take some time, the fact remains that tobacco manufacturers are all set to ensure that their new product becomes a big hit with the masses.