The United Arab Emirates imposed a ban on puffing electronic cigarettes recently, yet it has been reported that smokers are rampantly breaking the law and indulging in puffing electronic cigarette by smuggling it via numerous ways and means into the country. During the investigations, it was revealed that an electronic cigarette in the UAE was being sold by unlicensed sellers for 50D a piece. The main reason why such dealers hike the price is owing to the false scarcity of electric cigarettes that they create in the market, which spreads like wildfire via the mechanism of Chinese Whispers. It has also been ascertained that China is a prime market for importing e cigs into UAE.

E cig smoking ban in UAE

Apparently, the main reason behind the proposed ban on the usage of e cigs was to reduce the nicotine addiction amongst youngsters in the country. It was also revealed that with the rampant usage of electric cigarette, smokers would be provided with the opportunity to use cigarettes that were devoid of nicotine content, which in turn would further reduce the aim of the public health department with regards to containing nicotine addiction within the country. The main reason why people in the UAE are using e cigs is because they consider it an alternate smoking device.

As per a senior health official in the UAE, the usage of electric cigarettes was indeed hampering the efforts of the World Health Organization to ban the usage of cigarettes in the world. According to the health ministry of the UAE, e cigs are considered as devices similar to tobacco cigarettes that are hampering the efforts of the country in reducing the total number of smokers in the country. The National Tobacco Control Program director and the head of the head of the Primary Healthcare Centre, Dr Wedad Al Maidour, was of the opinion that despite the GCC ban on the consumption of electrical cigarettes, these devices are being imported illegally and are being used rampantly.

Apparently, the health ministry of UAE is of the opinion that electric cigarettes are also harmful for the overall health of the individual and as adequate information is still unavailable with special regards to the safety of these smokeless devices, considering them apt for usage is not a good option. Dr Hanan Obaid went on to state to the Gulf News spokesperson that many smokers in the UAE consider e cigarettes to be a quit smoking cessation, which apparently has not been proven via statistical data and reports.

The health ministry at the UAE was of the opinion that as electronic cigarettes do not have any health warnings, it is highly likely that they would increase nicotine addiction amongst new smoking enthusiasts in the country. A Health Education Officer working at a senior post who also happens to be a Psychological Counselor, working at the American Centre for Psychiatry and Neurology, went on to state that rampant usage of e cigarettes could prove harmful for individuals.

Dr Salwa Zaky Hanna, also said that as there was not adequate information available on e cigarettes, it was highly likely that young as well as adult individuals in the UAE may mistake it as a suitable mechanism for fulfilling their nicotine cravings without facing any adverse health effects in the act, which apparently, may not be entirely correct.