While people from all walks of lives are well aware that smoking tobacco cigarettes is harmful for the health of the concerned smoker and equally harmful for the innocent passive smoker, not many people take this threat seriously. In fact, smokers continue to smoke cigarettes on a regular basis, without even thinking twice about the ill effects of smoking tobacco cigars in public places. Nonetheless, the fact remains that smokers in their millions are now slowly and steadily getting aware of the health hazards, which are directly related to smoking regular cigarettes. This is apparently one of the main reasons why smokers are now opting for other suitable alternatives, such as electronic cigarettes.

People are of the opinion that the advertising mediums adopted by the large smoking companies are actually the main cause behind their popular status.  Owing to this very reason, the government of the United Kingdom decided to take some stringent action against the rampant advertising activities that were being initiated by the big tobacco companies in the United Kingdom. As per the current rulings, all big shops as well as supermarkets would now have to stop advertising cigarettes in public. This simply implies that, regular cigarettes cannot be placed in shelves, which are visible to window shoppers.  Hence, tobacco products would need to be concealed by the shopkeepers and not advertised as they used to be earlier.

As per the new rule, the staff can keep regular cigarettes out in the open only when they are serving the customers or are indulged in the process of stock taking. Under all other circumstances, tobacco cigarettes need to be kept out of sight of the customer. All shops, which have a covered area of 280 square meters, are included in this ban. In case, any shop is found to be violating this law, the owner can be fined up to £5,000  for doing the same. In certain cases, violation of laws can also lead to imprisonment. Stores with a smaller area are to be exempted from this ban for the current period. According to the health minister, Anne Milton, “The main reason behind this ruling is the attraction youngsters have towards colorful cigarette packs.”

Experts are of the opinion that banning cigarette advertising in large stores would prove to be an effective remedy in stopping smokers from using tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the lesser the number of advertisement, lesser the number of  youngsters would be attracted towards cigarettes in general. As per the current law, it is considered an illegal practice to sell tobacco products to minors in the United Kingdom. Hence, if you happen to be under the age of 18 years, then you cannot smoke cigarettes.

It was in July 2007, when smoking regular cigarettes in covered public places was officially banned. Nonetheless, as per the government authorities, the need for stricter laws was essential, if the rampant act of tobacco smoking  in UK was to be brought under control. It has also been reported that the government of the United Kingdom is now contemplating the usage of plain packaging to deter young smokers from getting attracted to regular cigarettes.