It is a common feature to see a soldier smoking cigarettes while on a patrol or sitting on their bunks and wiling away their time playing cards. Nonetheless, the fact remains that such a scene may indeed become a thing of the past, at least for the American soldiers. It is a well known fact that smoking regular cigarettes is considered to be an act which can well be done away with. This is for the very simple reason that smoking regular cigarettes is considered to be an act that can give rise to several fatal ailments, which in turn can be easily avoided by simply quitting smoking altogether. As per the Pentagon, the case of soldiers smoking cigarettes should be avoided and if possible, banned completely.

In the opinion of the Department of Veterans Affairs, smoking regular cigarettes should be completely banned in the United States army. This statement however is with regards to soldiers smoking cigarettes. So, while they are in uniform, soldiers should not be permitted to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The Department of Veterans Affairs is under the opinion that even soldiers who are involved in battle should be permitted to smoke cigarettes. A recent study has revealed that when soldiers smoke cigarettes, their short term battle worthiness is placed in serious jeopardy and in the long term, smoking cigarettes can lead to several serious ailments, which soldiers may have to harbor till the very last day of their life.

The top health officials working in the Health Department were of the opinion that the policy team headed by the Pentagon as well as the Defense Secretary, should be made aware of the immense health as well as national complications that could arise if soldiers were permitted to smoke cigarettes while on active duty. It has also been suggested by the Health Department that all tobacco related products be phased out from the military, in the next five to ten years. Dr. Ken Kizer, who happened to lead the study, revealed that cigarette smoking amongst soldiers was not at all suited for their mental health and hence, it should be done away with on a permanent basis. He went on to state that the army has always given mixed responses with regards to cigarette use, which in turn is quite confusing and not at all easy to comprehend.

Dr. Ken Kizer was also of the opinion that soldiers smoke cigarettes more often simply because this addictive product seems to take care of their loneliness. When compared to civilians, soldiers are more prone to smoking tobacco cigarettes, which is why they should be banned permanently. As per the study, one in every three soldiers in the army is a smoker. As far as civilians are concerned, one in each five civilians is considered to be a smoker. Pentagon had banned the use of cigarettes on its base buildings but it has yet to impose a ban on smoking tobacco cigarettes amongst soldiers on active duty. Once this is done, the chances are that the mortality rate amongst soldiers would reduce drastically and their minds would also be free from unnecessary tensions.

An electronic cigarette is often seen as an effective means of ensuring that smokers remain free from tobacco cigarettes. E cigarettes are free from tobacco and hence, they are safer in comparison to regular cigarettes. At the same time, an electric cigarette is also cheaper when compared to traditional cigarettes. E cigs are also free from any legal restriction and they can be smoked publicly, which is why they are preferred by millions of individuals the world over.