Electronic cigarettes are also known as electric cigarette or e cigarettes. They are considered to be a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and most scientists as well as smokers believe that they are a safe smoking option for both chain smokers as well as moderate or new smokers across the globe. The main ingredient in e cigarettes is liquid nicotine which in turn is stored in a small cartridge.

It also contains propylene glycol liquid, which in turn adds the desired flavor to your cigarette and makes it tastier. Instead of a match, this device is initiated with the aid of a rechargeable battery. In order to use this device, you simply need to inhale, after which the airflow switch indicator would permit the liquid nicotine to enter your mouth.

The microprocessor present in the electronic cigarette then triggers the atomizer to activate and disburses droplets of liquid nicotine into the air thereby allowing you to vaporize it evenly. This is when you are permitted to smoke a cigarette without actually inhaling the harmful chemicals that are usually attached to smoking a regular cigarette. So, all you end up doing is smoking liquid nicotine without actually bothering to smoke harmful chemicals in return. This is undoubtedly the most efficient way of enjoying a refreshing smoke.

If you are to list the benefits of smoking e cigarettes then the first advantage without a shadow of a doubt would be the lack of tobacco. Without the inclusion of tobacco, a lot many diseases related to tobacco smoking are reduced. Besides, as these devices are electronically operated, the chance of them producing any smoke or releasing harmful chemicals in the earth’s atmosphere is simply negligible. Besides, the water vapor which is released into the atmosphere is harmless and is quickly disbursed into the atmosphere. It therefore leaves behind no ash or smoke. In fact, you are also spared of the awful smoker’s breath.

The second advantage of smoking e cigs is that you are legally permitted to smoke them at just about any place you desire. You can therefore smoke these in pubs, bars, shopping malls, airplanes and even in your own office. Besides choosing the flavors, you have the distinct advantage of selecting the nicotine strengths as well. In fact, several smokers prefer smoking the zero nicotine strength cigarettes. So, with this advantage of selecting the nicotine strength you can ensure that you smoke as per your personal discretion.