Bloog Electronic Cigarettes are fast becoming popular with the young and old alike. Bloog e-cigarettes offer flavors that are normally not available in other brands. The batteries at Bloog are available in silver, black and white colors. The Bloog Electronic Cigarette is a two piece cigarette wherein the cartridge and battery are its two components.

To ensure that our expert review panel got the inside information on the quality of Bloog Electronic Cigarettes, we had four of our experts smoke two different flavors. We experimented on the Spearmint flavor and decided to give the Kamel and M’Boro flavor a try as well. Both M’Boro and Kamel flavors lived up to the mark in terms of overall satisfaction and overall nicotine levels when compared to smoking normal cigarettes.

The two flavors were quite tasty and seemed perfect for those people who wish to quit normal smoking as they offered similar effects without causing any harm to the body. The Spearmint flavor was not as exciting as it tasted more like gum and when compared to other brands, the Spearmint flavor couldn’t match the desired menthol element.

At the end of the review session, our expert review committee comprising of several chain smokers and smoking experts came to the conclusion that Bloog Electronic Cigarettes are a class apart when it comes to judging the quality, taste and pricing. The biggest advantage of Bloog Electronic Cigarettes is that compared to several other brands, they are reasonably priced.

Important Facts on Bloog Electronic Cigarettes:

# Bloog Electronic Cigarette has two major components. The first component is the battery which is available in white, silver and black colors. The second component is the cartridge which is available in various flavors and nicotine levels.

# Bloog Electronic Cigarette is also available at zero nicotine level.

# Bloog Electronic Cigarettes are available in several flavors. Some of its best selling flavors include Apple, Energy Bull, Spearmint, M’Boro Red, Vanilla, Grape, Cola, Kamel, Cola and Chocolate.

Our expert review panel comprising of regular smokers and smoking therapists have come to the conclusion that Bloog Electronic Cigarettes are ideal for the budget conscious. They are healthy, delicious and affordable.