Electronic cigarette brands have always managed to captivate the likes of smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe. Apparently, these e cig brands are a new entrant in the smoking niche, yet in just five short years, they have managed to develop their own niche and gather a large fan base. In fact, industry pundits are of the opinion that electric cigarette brands would soon surpass the metal of regular cigarette brands in the coming years. All this is owing to the very simple reason that e cigarette brands are able to supply smoking enthusiasts with the much required ‘nicotine-hit’ without forcing them to inhale toxic fumes or consume tobacco in return.

The latest news is the acquisition of an electronic cigarette company by none other than British American Tobacco. This is the first of its kind acquisition, wherein a brand of such repute has actually decided to incorporate e cigs into its manufacturing capacity. The brand that has been bought by British American Tobacco happens to be CN Creative electronic cigarette brand. Without a shadow of a doubt, this merger has opened its doors for several other such ventures in the near future and it also highlights the growing importance of smokeless cigarettes, owing to which, even large tobacco manufacturing companies such as BAT have opted to try their luck here.

About British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco is a tobacco manufacturing company that has its headquarters based in London. When you make a comparison, with special regards to the overall sales generated in a calendar year, then BAT comes a close second to Philip Morris. It is therefore the second largest tobacco manufacturing company, in terms of sales in the entire world. In over fifty countries BAT is stated to have a leading position and it is operating in over one hundred and eighty countries across the globe. Dunhill and Kent are two of its brands that are stated to be the fourth largest selling brands in the entire world. Even Benson and Hedges as well as Lucky Strike are some of its brands that are quite popular amongst the masses.

With over 65.6 billion pounds worth of market capitalization, BAT is undoubtedly a key player in the London Stock Exchange and is rated the sixth largest company there. In fact, even in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, BAT commands a secondary position. The company was established in 1902 under the banner of the Imperial Tobacco Company, which in turn had a joint venture with the American Tobacco Company. At present, the company is being headed by its chief executive officer Nicandro Durante. BAT has sponsored several games including motor sport as well as cricket and hence, it has successfully managed to advertise its products in an effective manner.

BAT Acquiring CN Creative

British American Tobacco undoubtedly happens to be a tobacco giant and in a recent development, it has acquired an established electronic cigarette brand by the name of CN Creative. The name of the e cig brand that CN Creative manufactures as well as sells is Intellcig and it is quite popular in the United Kingdom. These e cigs are marketed in over twenty four international markets as a suitable alternative to traditional cigarettes and they are therefore termed a smokeless cigarette. In fact, CN Creative is stated to have its very own research and development center in the north western part of England.

As far as the pricing of this deal is concerned, it is still under wraps and the sum for which CN Creative was bought by BAT remains a mystery. While the sum is still undisclosed, industry pundits are of the belief that British American Tobacco may have had to shell out several million pounds to acquire CN Creative’s Intellcig brand of e cigarettes. Nonetheless, this too has allowed smokers as well as industry analysts to realize that even tobacco companies have started to show their interest in smokeless cigarettes.

As per the Regulatory Affairs director of BAT, Kingsley Wheaton, “The main aim of our company is to manufacture tobacco cigarettes and other products that are related with tobacco and the main reason why we took over Intellcig was to ensure that those smokers (adults) who wished to smoke a safer alternative, were provided with the best smoking product available in the international market. We have closely followed the best practices followed by CN Creative and with the use of their e cigs, we shall be able to deliver to our consumers the most appropriate smoking devices, in a bid to meet the varied needs of smokers the world over.”

Apparently, CN Creative was making use of several new and innovative technological wonders so as to ensure that its electric cigarettes were pioneers of sorts and this in turn seems to be a positive move, which shall allow smoking enthusiasts to relish only the very best smoking mechanisms available internationally. As per British American Tobacco, the main purpose behind this deal was also to ensure that the damage that has already been done owing to the use of tobacco should be minimized and the efforts to provide smokers with a smoke-free cigarette materialized and incorporated into the mainstream manufacturing process.

According to David Newns and Chris Lord, the co-founders of CN Creative, “We are really excited with this merger, as now, we shall be able to use the latest and the most advances technologies to develop an e cig that we had always dreamt of manufacturing.”

Would there be More such Mergers?

While it is very difficult to comment whether there would be more such mergers or buyouts between tobacco companies and electronic cigarette companies in the near future, the fact remains that e cigarettes have indeed managed to win the support of smokers as well as passive non-smokers, owing to their less harmful capabilities. At the same time, e cigs have always managed to allow smokers to continue smoking without forcing them to quit abruptly. On the other hand, with regards to regular cigarettes, you are asked to quit smoking permanently and at the earliest given opportunity. Continued smoking using an e cig, is an option which almost smoking enthusiasts would like to relish and apparently, this is why smokers simply relish the thought of continuing with their smoking habit with the aid of electronic cigarettes.