While smoking regular cigarettes seems to be a rampant activity in the United States campuses, the fact remains that very soon such an activity would become a thing of the past. There was a time when most students studying in the American Universities used to be seen smoking tobacco filled cigarettes on a regular basis but now, it seems that stricter laws are being implemented thereby thwarting the attempts of such students from smoking cigarettes in open and especially in the campus area. One such area that has recently introduced this stringent rule is the University of California. Apparently, very soon, a law would be in place which would prohibit any student in the Californian region from smoking regular cigarettes. This is a great move for ensuring that students are spared of the wrath which is in the form of the offensive second hand smoke emitting from a lit cigarette.

Californian state government has decided to implement a ban on the use of regular cigarettes as well as any other product which is directly related to tobacco in all its campuses in California. This ban is to be executed for the next two years and the results weighed before it being made a permanent ordeal. One of the main reasons why this ban was implemented in the very first place was to ensure that passive smokers are not affected by the awful second hand smoke in any manner. At the same time, the campus authorities are of the opinion that if smoking cigarettes is stopped in the campus area, then young and innocent individuals would be thwarted from getting addicted by picking up such bad habits. More often than not, people start to pick the awful habit of smoking cigarettes simply because they are always watching their peers do the same.

As per Mark Yudof, who also happens to be the UC president, “While the change would come into place soon, the manner in which how it shall be implemented and who all it would cover is still a grey area and has to be studied carefully before the law is finally executed.”  As far as Trish Ratto, who also happens to be the health affairs manager at the university campuses stated that most freshmen who come to the college premises have been known to start smoking regular cigarettes as they are prompted in doing so. Nonetheless, with the implementation of the current ban on smoking regular cigarettes, the fact remains that the college freshmen would not be prompted to be lured to smoke cigarettes as no one else would be seen smoking cigarettes in the campus area.

Apparently, this move has been seen as an act of ensuring that young students who are entering the university campus or those that are seeking admissions and belong to the non smoker category are not lured into smoking cigarettes simply because other students are doing the same. The Tobacco Control branch chief in the Californian region, Colleen Stevens, was of the opinion that while other states in the USA have been known to have a high teenage smoking rate, in the state of California such a rate would be delayed to a later age, as by stopping the smoking of regular cigarettes in the campus areas would push the smoking age back by a few years. It is vitally important to note that not only the students but also the staff members within the Californian university campus would be prohibited from smoking cigarettes while they are within the campus limits.

While smoking bans in the Californian Universities is being seen as a positive step towards ensuring a smoke free study environment, the fact remains that the use of electronic cigarettes is sure to increase in such a scenario. Apparently, an e cigarette is a smokeless device which also does not contain any trace of the deadly tobacco content which is undoubtedly considered symbolic to smoking regular cigarettes. While smoking e cigarettes is permissible by the law and people from all walks of lives can easily puff away of these smokeless devices even at public places, the fact remains that you need to seek prior permission before using these in the Californian campus areas. Apparently, smoking an electric cigarette shall be permitted going by the way this device has been accepted internationally as a suitable and a safe alternative to regular cigarette smoking. Nonetheless, the final verdict would only be put when the statewide ban on smoking cigarettes within the university campuses in California would become legal and fully implemented in practice.