Last year, in the United Kingdom, the government raised their budget that was meant primarily to help smoking enthusiasts to quit smoking cigarettes, to six million pounds. This budget was utilized to allow smoking enthusiasts to help quit their smoking habit in a span of twenty eight days only, which in turn was a special plan of action. While this was undoubtedly a challenging task, according to the Health Department spokespersons, “If smokers can actually quit smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes in as less as twenty eight days, then they are five times more likely to lead a smoke free life. Hence, if they succeed to curb their smoking urge within a span of 28 days, the fact remains that they shall be in a much better position to avoid smoking regular cigarettes for the remainder of their life.

The Quit Smoking Task

Without a shadow of a doubt, the task of convincing people to quit smoking cigarettes is the toughest of all. Even leading anti-tobacco organizations find this as the toughest task to execute. This task is so daunting that anti-tobacco organizations often refer it as the Holy Grail. Even the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence was of the opinion that a suitable anti-smoking plan of action needs to be drawn in a bid to ensure that smoking enthusiast the world over are made aware of the dangers involved in smoking traditional cigarettes, which in turn should then prompt them to quit smoking cigarettes altogether. Experts are of the opinion that the best cheap electronic cigarettes prove to be a suitable means of allowing smoking enthusiasts to steer clear of cigarettes and opt for better smoking alternatives.

The Expert Reports on Smoking

The harms caused by smoking traditional cigarettes are well known across the globe, especially to those smoking enthusiasts who are habitual of smoking traditional cigarettes on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the fact still remains that a report needs to be generated with special regards to the impact that nicotine delivery systems or e cigs, would have on smoking enthusiasts, if they choose to quit smoking and opt for such alternate smoking methods. According to expert research analysts that indulge in helping people to quit smoking, “An alternate smoking methodology involving nicotine is considered vitally essential in allowing smokers to quit their deadly habit to smoke cigarettes and opt for a less harmful methodology. Apparently, the main aim of smokers is to stop using tobacco cigarettes over a period of time, which in turn would substantially allow them to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is where electric cigarettes step in.”

Professor Gerry Stimson is of the opinion that new and innovative methods to help people quit smoking cigarettes should be introduced, which in turn would then motivate smokers to quit smoking permanently. According to the latest statistical reports, over 75% of all smokers in the world have tried (at some part of their lives) to quit smoking cigarettes and over 67% of all smoking enthusiasts have expressed their desire to quit smoking regular cigarettes permanently. Professor Gerry Stimson, in a lecture, went on to say that, “In case a certain section of smokers are not willing to quit smoking cigarettes, they ought to at least choose a suitable nicotine replacement alternative.”

As per Action and Smoking Tobacco spokesperson, “In the year 2010, almost 3% of smokers were habitual of puffing the best e cigarette brands. Nonetheless, this figure has increased drastically, with over 7% smoking enthusiasts preferring to puff the top e cig brands in the year 2012. This figure is in Great Bratian and it has also been estimated that over seven hundred thousand people in the UK puff electric cigarettes.” The number of smoking enthusiasts opting for the best cheap e cigarette is increasing with each month and according to the World Health Organization, this figure may easily touch the one million mark this year in the UK alone. In the United Kingdom, an e cig starter kit costs seventy five pounds on an average and the cost of a refill is five pounds. Hence, these devices prove to be cost effective in nature and smokers can easily hope to experience savings, two weeks after their purchase.

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Electronic Cigarette Popularity

The popularity of electric cigarette brands can be witnessed by the very simple fact that even tobacco companies have started to take special interest in them. It has also been noticed that the World Health Organization is all geared up to try and determine whether e cigs can be considered as medical alternatives or whether they need to be considered as nicotine delivery mechanisms, which are to be brought under the tobacco regulatory mandates. Tobacco harm reduction is a vitally important issue and it is being taken very seriously by both the developed as well as the developing nations across the globe. It is primarily owing to rise in the awareness levels amongst smoking enthusiasts with special regards to the chronic ailments caused by tobacco consumption, that smokers have begun opting for more appropriate nicotine delivery systems such as e cigarettes.

When the question revolves around the overall efficiency of the best cheap electric cigarette in helping chain smokers get rid of the ill effects caused by smoking regular cigarettes, the fact remains that the damage that has already been done simply cannot be reversed. Nonetheless, going forward, smoking enthusiasts can easily expect to avail the true benefits of puffing a smokeless cigarette that is free from tobacco, over 4000 highly toxic chemicals, cancer causing carcinogens and the highly offensive, second hand smoke. At the same time, smoking enthusiasts have also expressed their happiness at being provided with a chance to puff an e cig as this device is free to be smoked even at public places. This makes smoking much simpler and devoid of the usual tensions that are always attached to smoking traditional cigarettes (as most countries do not permit smoking enthusiasts to smoke regular cigarettes in public places).

While cigarette smoking has picked speed and it seems that there would be no dearth of smokers in the coming years, the fact remains that after the introduction of smokeless cigarettes, the chances of smokers maintaining better health have increased fourfold. Nonetheless, it needs to be noted that smoking harms that have been caused by regular cigarettes, cannot be removed by opting for an electric cigarette.