It has been medically proven that a dreaded disease like cancer can even evade trained medical practitioners with utmost ease. According to a British Study, pinpointing cancer in human beings is not at all an easy task. In a recent research study, it was revealed that of the 41,000 patients who were diagnosed with cancer, almost 77% of them needed to be screen properly by their family physicians at least twice before they were referred to hospital visits. These patients were known to be treated in over 158 hospitals, spread across the United Kingdom.

According to the study, it was also revealed that young adults as well as women, who suffer less from cancer, had to be screened more than three to four times by trained medical practitioners, before they could be referred to a local hospital for a complete medical check up. It was also revealed in the study that patients who were suffering from multiple myeloma, cancer of the lungs as well as pancreas, needed more than a single medical screening by their local doctors, before they could be referred to a local hospital for complete medical check up. On the other hand, patients suffering from basic cancers of the testicular region as well as the breast area could easily be diagnosed for their symptoms.

As per the research study, it has been proven the over 51% of all patients who were suffering from multiple mylomia, had to pay a visit to their medical practitioners more than once in order to get a confirmation on their disease. It has also been proven that certain kinds of cancers such as multiple myeloma are very tough to locate for the very simple reason that this kind of cancer has the habit of mimicking other kinds of ailments and hence, it is very difficult to locate and pinpoint this disease in the very first place. On the other hand, a slight lump on the breast of a woman can easily state that the concerned woman is suffering from breast cancer.

This study was titled The Lancet Oncology, and it featured online on the 24’th of February. While it is a fact that the total number of cancer patients are increasing with each passing day, the fact remains that more and more people are also taking to smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. Cancers of the lungs as well as the mouth and lip region are directly linked to the inhalation of harsh chemicals, which in turn emit from tobacco cigarettes. This is owing to the high number of carcinogens which are present in a tobacco cigarette. These cigarettes have the ability to cause cancer cardiac arrests as well as chronic respiratory tract infections in human beings.

While the total number of smokers in the world is increasing at a rapid pace, the fact remains that a safer alternative to regular cigarettes is the key to remaining healthy and disease free, which managing to smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. This is through the means of an electronic cigarette. An e cigarette is considered to be a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes because it tastes just like a normal cigarette but it is free from tobacco. At the same time, an electric cigarette is a smokeless device, which does not need a match to light. Besides, e cigs can be puffed publicly.