Cancer societies across the globe have been worried regarding the increase in tobacco smoking amongst both the youth as well as the adults. It has been noticed that people from all walks of lives have begun smoking cigarettes at a rapid pace and most individuals do not have the correct knowledge, which in turn is considered essential for realizing the potential dangers involved in smoking tobacco cigarettes. In a recent development, it was ascertained that Cancer Societies were concerned with regards to the increase in the production of cigarettes by Imperial Tobacco. The news with regards to the increase in production of cigarettes by Imperial Tobacco was looked upon by the Cancer Society as a serious issue with regards to the “quit smoking” campaign, which such societies are known to initiate.

It has been reported that Imperial Tobacco would be spending to the tune of $45-million, in a bid to increase their current production levels and they would also be hiring 50 more employees to cater to their growing production needs. As per the health promotion manager of the Cancer Society, Jan Pearson, the increase in production of cigarettes would imply that 4 billion cigarettes would be supplied annually to Australia. This was indeed considered a rather disappointing move by the manager. It has also been reported that several health organizations have considered this export to be rather depressing and undoubtedly an unwelcome act by the Australian citizens.

The Cancer Society was also of the opinion that in New Zealand, over 5000 people lose their lives annually owing to cigarette smoking. This is simply why, the creation of fifty odd jobs by the tobacco manufacturing giant is negated. As per the statistical reports, with the increase in production of cigarettes, over 100,000 Australians would suffer, owing to which, over 20% of them would die of cancer related ailments. It has been predicted that Imperial Tobacco would be establishing 6 new production outlets, which in turn would be capable of manufacturing over 8000 regular cigarettes each minute. Hence, in an hour, over 500,000 cigarettes could easily be produced. It has also been revealed by company spokespersons that the total number of employees would be increasing from the current strength of 70 workers to approximately 120 employees.

Nonetheless, the good news is that as compared to over six billion cigarettes being smoked in the 1980’s in New Zealand, at present, only two billion cigarettes are being smoked by the citizens of New Zealand annually. The main reason why the total number of smokers has reduced in New Zealand is because stricter taxation policies have been initiated by the government and also because more and more people are getting aware of the adverse health effects which are caused by tobacco cigarettes. Nonetheless, anti smoking bodies are of the opinion that if smoke related deaths are to be reduced further, governments of all nations would need to take firmer steps against tobacco manufacturers.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the fact remains that smoking enthusiasts the world over are now trying to seek a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is often considered a suitable alternative to regular cigars as an e cigarette is free from tobacco as well as the highly offensive second hand smoke.