Cigarette smoking has been considered as hazardous for the human body. Not only has smoking caused several severe ailments to human beings, it has also been known to cause irreparable damage to the human organs, which apparently cannot be altered or corrected with the aid of medical science. Nonetheless, despite being well aware of this ghastly fact, people from all walks of lives still continue to smoke regular cigarettes extensively and are least bothered by the consequences which they might have to face owing to cigarette smoking. In a recent report which was also shared by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, it was revealed that carcinogens that were found in regular cigarettes were actually responsible for causing cancer in human beings.

In fact as per International Agency for Research on Cancer, carcinogens are classified as products which are directly responsible for casing various kinds of cancers in the human body. It also needs to be noted that the International Agency for Research on Cancer happens to be a part of the World Health Organization and is therefore a respectable body, which is always taken very seriously by people from all walks of lives. You need to also realize that the carcinogens present in cigarettes are deadly. When you consume tobacco cigarettes, you are inhaling several thousand toxic fumes, which include carcinogens, which in turn lead to cancers in the lungs, throat, lips, pancreas and several other parts of the human body.

As per the International Agency for Research on Cancer, it is highly recommended that in order to remain cancer free, an individual should ideally quit smoking regular cigarettes permanently. In fact, several research studies have proven the deadly fact that cancer is not only found in those individuals who smoke traditional cigarettes but also in those individuals who happen to be living with a smoker or those passive smokers who happen to inhale the highly toxic second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes on a daily basis. This is apparently a shocking revelation as now innocent bystanders are also known to suffer from the deadly cancer disease, simply because they happen to inhale poisonous fumes which emit from regular cigarettes. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main reasons why the World Health Organization decided to impose a worldwide ban on smoking tobacco cigarettes in public places.

Cancers of the oral cavity as well as the larynx of the human body are mainly caused by tobacco smoke. In fact, as per the report published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, almost 87% of all lung cancer deaths are caused by cigarette smoke. Even the bladder as well as the esophagus region of the human body is stricken by cancer when carcinogens released by tobacco smoke enter the human body. In the United States alone, over 3000 deaths are caused annually owing to lung cancer, which in turn is caused when people inhale second hand smoke emitting from tobacco cigarettes. Undoubtedly, chain smokers are also a part of the deaths which are related to cigarettes smoking. Nonetheless, the 3000 lung cancer deaths a year in the US is the number of non-smokers which are stricken with this fatal diseases owing to the inhalation of the offensive second hand smoke.

As per several reports, an average cigarette contains over 4000 toxic chemicals, most of which are still unknown. Nonetheless, it is a confirmed fact that over 60 carcinogens are present in a regular tobacco filled cigarette. This is an alarming feature of a regular cigarette as carcinogens can easily cause cancer in the human body and prove fatal in nature. In case you are exposed to cigarette smoke, the chances of you contracting cancer are doubled and you are also susceptible to contracting several non-cancerous ailments despite not having smoked a single cigarette in your entire life. It is therefore suggested that chain smokers make use of smoking cessation aids to quit smoking cigarettes, thereby saving their lives as well as the lives of millions of other harmless people, who have never yet smoked a single cigarette in their lives.

While gums and nicotine patches are considered useless and temporary by most chain smokers, an electronic cigarette is one such device, which has shown permanent results. An e cigarette has been known to be the only smokeless device that has allowed even die hard chain smokers to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Using an electric cigarette, an end user can smoke tobacco-free cigarettes and still fulfill his/her nicotine urge completely. An e cig is therefore slowly but steadily replacing traditional tobacco filled cigarettes and is being preferred by smokers from all across the globe.