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How to Choose the Best Electronic Cigarette Battery?

An electronic cigarette battery is a lifeline of a water vapor cigarette, as it provides the much needed power to the device and allows interested smokers to fulfill their throat-hit effectively. Nonetheless, with so many batteries available in the market, manufactured by different brands, it is really tough to pick the most suitable device for your personal needs. Here are a few tips that shall allow you to pick the best battery:

The Quality of the Battery- An e cig can only operate if it is connected with a suitable battery. You can taste the vapor and experience a ‘throat-hit’ only when the battery is fully powered and connected to the e cig cartridge. If your device is of good quality, the ‘nicotine hit’ shall be wonderful. On the other hand, if your device is of a poor quality, your ‘throat-hit’ shall also be poor. At the same time, it is also good to consider whether you want a two-piece device or a three-piece device. Both have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. A 2-piece e cig is preferred owing to its ease of usage.

The Operation Mode- There are two types of batteries- the first is the manual battery and the second is an automatic battery. A manual battery has a ‘start button’, which needs to be depressed to initiate the device. This helps preserve battery life and provides the device a long life. An automatic battery does not have a start button and it starts functioning the moment you inhale the vapor. The battery life of an automatic battery is lesser than the battery life of a manual version. Nonetheless, if you prefer vaping a device that is easy to operate and hassle free in nature, then you should opt for an automatic battery.

Charging Preferences- The next step is to ascertain your charging preference. For example, if you travel a lot, then you should opt for a disposable vapor cigarette. In case you spend a lot of your time working behind the desk, then a battery mated with a wall charger is ideal. In case you work on your laptop, then pick a battery that is mated with a USB charger, which in turn can be plugged into the USB port of your laptop. In case you love to vape while driving, then pick a device that is mated with a car charger. In case you like vaping for a long duration and you love to be in complete control of your cigarettes, then opt for a personal charging case, which is capable of recharging your batteries several times.

A Power Cig- In case you love to work on your laptop, then you should try and opt for a power cig. This is an e cigarette that can be attached with a chord. This chord has a USB port on the other end, which in turn can be attached to your laptop. Hence, the cigarette gets charged and you vape, even as you are working on your laptop.

The Compatibility Factor- While picking your battery, it is always suggested that you cross check its compatibility. This in turn implies that you should try and pick a battery that is compatible with your electric cigarette. For example, if you choose to purchase a v2 cigs starter kit and try to connect it with a battery that has been manufactured by green smoke e cig brand, then this shall not work out. Hence, always cross check the compatibility of your battery with the cartridge that you intend to use.

The Company Promise- While choosing a suitable battery for your vaping device, you need to be doubly sure of its quality. There are certain e cig companies that offer lifetime warranty on their batteries. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you ‘read between the lines’ while opting for such a battery that is backed by a lifetime warranty. It needs to be noticed that this warranty can become null and void if you use an e-liquid manufactured by another company. Hence, it is always advisable that you go through the terms and conditions before finalizing your device.

The Durability Factor- While vapor cigarette batteries are made to last a very long time, you need to handle them with care. This in turn implies that your batteries should place your batteries in a case and always recharge spent batteries with the aid of proper chargers. Some e cigarette companies manufacture batteries that are made to last for a very long time, which is why they are preferred by those users who are aspiring to use e cigs for a long time. On the contrary, a smoker opting for vapor cigarettes to quit smoking, can opt for less durable batteries.

The Pricing Factor- Last but not the least, you should establish a budget before finalizing your battery. In case you are a new smoker, who is habitual of vaping occasionally, then you may opt for a battery that is affordably priced. On the contrary, if you are a seasoned smoker, who does not compromise on the quality of your vaping, then you should opt for those batteries which are durable and slightly costlier.

Tips to Recharge Your E Cigarette Battery for Enhancing its Shelf Life

Tips to Recharge Your E Cigarette Battery

Owing to the rise in the ill effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes that often lead to chronic diseases, smoking enthusiasts have started to prefer vaping electronic cigarettes instead. Electric cigarettes are undoubtedly preferred over regular cigarettes yet these devices too need to be handled with care, so as to ensure that they serve you well and last a lifetime. One such aspect is to ensure that you recharge your battery that connects to the e-liquid cartridge in a suitable manner.

V2 Cigs Battery

V2 Cigs Battery

An e cig battery has a shelf life and you need to make sure that you handle it well in order to prolong its life. This is also quite similar to the battery that is present in a cell phone. After a period of time, the battery dies and you are no longer able to use your phone. In case you experience low vapor volume when you are using electronic cigarettes, it is a clear indication that your battery needs to be recharged as the power is running low. On the contrary, if your battery is fully charged and you are still experiencing low vapor volume, then probably, the e-liquid inside the tank is low and needs to be refilled.

In case you wish to prolong the overall life of your battery and make it last a long time, you need to adopt a few tried and tested methods that shall help you recharge your battery and prolong its life. Here are the methods:

Tips to Recharge Your E Cigarette Battery

Tips to Recharge Your E Cigarette Battery

1) Personal Charging Case- The most suitable way to recharge your spent battery is via the mechanism of a personal charging case. This is a case that has the capability to fully charge your low battery and you do not require any USB port or a power point. Using this case, you can recharge your battery several times without the need for any power socket. This case has the capability of recharging your empty battery four to six times (depending on the capacity of the case) before you need to recharge the case. This case even has a special display light that helps you know whether the power within the case is running low or not. You can recharge the PCC by plugging it into an electronic socket or using a USB port.

2) A USB Charger- This is the most suitable and the most widely used method for recharging an electric cigarette battery. You can recharge the battery by plugging it inside a USB port of your laptop, personal computer or any other device that has a USB port. When you screw your battery to the cartomizer and plug it to a power point via the USB cable, a light shall glow on the charger indicating that your e cig is in the charging mode. When the charging is complete, another light (of a different color) shall start to glow indicating that your battery is fully charged.

3) Charging Battery via a Car Charger- The third option is to recharge your e cig battery via the mechanism of a car charger. As the name suggests, the car charger is to be used within your vehicle. This charger has the ability to connect with the power socket present in your vehicle. Simply connect your e cigarette to a USB charger and then plug it into your car charger. Most vapor cigarette starter kits manufactured by big brands include a car charger within their product contents.

south beach smoke

south beach smoke

4) Charging your Battery via a Wall Charger- A wall charger has two prongs that can be attached to any 120 volt wall socket. Simply attach your battery to the USB charger and then plug it into the wall charger. The charging time varies according to the battery type. If you have a short battery, the total charging time is 2 hours or less and if you have a long battery then your charging time is 4 hours or more.


When you are using a brand new battery, then it is advisable to recharge it for an hour longer than necessary, so as to extend its battery life. In order to ensure that the shelf life of your battery is prolonged, you should try and keep more than a single charging option with you.

E Cigarette Battery Problems and their Solution Suggested by Tech-Cigarette

E Cigarette Battery Problems

There was a time when all electronically operated devices required eight to ten batteries (AA, D or C Type) to function properly. Despite their large numbers, these electronic devices did not last a very long time. After every two to three hours, these batteries needed a replacement. Hence, people in those days wasted a lot of their money and they also caused a lot of environmental pollution (batteries contain harmful toxins). Nonetheless with time, batteries too have changed and nowadays, you can find batteries that are using cutting-edge technology, such as lithium ion and they can also be re-used again and again via the recharging method.

Electronic cigarettes make use of batteries that can be used several times over before requiring a replacement. While a new battery is not at all expensive, it does cost money. There are ways and means by which you can extend the overall life of your battery. Most top rated e cig companies offer batteries that can offer anywhere between 300 to 700 puffs before requiring a recharge. Smaller capacity batteries may require a recharge after the concerned individual has puffed his device 200 times.

E Cigarette Battery Problems

E Cigarette Battery Problems

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Electronic Cigarette Battery

1) The first and foremost step is to ensure that you are making use of your battery on a continual basis. This is very similar to exercising your body on a regular basis and feeding your body with nutritious food every day. The more you make use of your battery, the better they shall perform. The Lithium-ion which is used in these batteries is basically meant to be used on a regular basis, as this habit shall help power surge through them properly.

2) The second step for preserving your battery is to place it in a safe manner. You need to make sure that you keep your battery away from direct sunlight and water, as the internal mechanism of a battery does not match well with either heat or water. At the same time, you need to make sure that you avoid dropping your battery on to the ground, as by doing so, your device may get damaged in the act.

3) The third step is to ensure that you always charge your battery before it is completely drained of its power. This in turn ensures that you need to avoid allowing your battery to get fully drained before recharging it. For this very purpose, you need to make sure that you keep more than a single battery, so that you can circulate them. If you wait for your battery to get fully drained before recharging, your device shall get damaged very easily. Ideally, when you have half the power left, then you should recharge it. In case you see the power dipping, you should immediately recharge it. We can compare this with a bus without any diesel. If it has very little fuel, the truck would move slowly but when the vehicle’s tank is full, it shall move rapidly.

4) The next step is to ensure that whenever you are placing your battery in a case for a long time (say for example 1 week) then you should charge it completely before doing so. In case you are not doing so, then your device shall get drained very quickly. You should recharge your battery by (at least) 50% before placing it in a case. In case you do not charge your battery before storing it and begin to make use of it after a while, the device would need to work much harder than a fully charged device. Simply put, if your battery works harder, the lesser would be its lifespan.

5) When you have finished vaping, always disconnect your cartomizer from the battery. A cartomizer contains liquid nicotine and heating element, which constantly drains power from its battery. When you disconnect the battery from the cartomizer, you shall save on the energy flow and this in turn would ensure that you shall have to recharge your battery fewer times.

6) The next step is to make sure that you unscrew the battery from the charger once you finish your charging procedure. This is done so as to make sure that you do not end up over charging your battery, as this shall reduce the overall life span of your device. You need to overcharge the battery only for the very first time. This too needs to be done for an hour more than required.

7) The last and final step is to ensure that you keep both the cartridge as well as the battery very clean. In simpler words, you need to ensure that you clean the parts that connect both these devices. Dirty parts can cause your battery to get damaged. To avoid your device from ruining, you should try and clean it regularly with a moist cotton cloth and then with a dry cotton cloth. The threads connecting the battery with the charger should also be cleaned with the aid of alcohol and cotton swabs.

Automatic and Manual Batteries

Automatic and Manual Batteries

Tips for Maintaining an Automatic and a Manual Battery

Automatic E Cigarette Battery- An automatic battery is without a switch and it gets activated the moment your inhale deeply onto the device. At the same time, it needs to be noted that in order to prolong the life of your battery, simply unscrew it slightly from the cartridge, each time you have completed your vaping session. When you do so, the flow of energy from the battery to the cartomizer would be stopped. In case you are not going to use your automatic battery for a few days, then you should completely unscrew the battery from its charger.

Manual E Cigarette Battery- A manual e cig battery has a ‘start’ button that needs to be depressed each time you wish to vape. It needs to be noted that you should avoid press the start switch gently-a hard press may damage your battery.

E Cigarette Health Risks Discussed by Tech-Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette and Health Concerns

In the recent past, there were some reports that seemed to claim that vaping could pollute the human lungs by filling them with toxic chemicals. Nonetheless, all this is not at all correct, as e cigs are definitely far safer as compared to regular cigarettes (filled with tobacco). Nonetheless, this does not give a clean chit to vapor cigarettes. As per one study, it has been deduced that regular use of water vapor cigarettes may make certain anti bacterial drugs ineffective. The prime reason why electric cigarettes were manufactured a few years ago was to deliver nicotine to users without forcing them to inhale several thousand highly toxic compounds that were always present in regular cigarettes.

The Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California in San Francisco has conducted several experiments on these devices and its director, Stanton Glantz, has come to a conclusion. He says, “There is no doubt that the vapor released by an e cig is far less toxic than the smoke emitted from a tobacco cigarette.” The only flaw that was found while researching e cigs was the release of nanoparticles, which in turn may lead to the development of cardiac issues and even asthma.

E Cig Boom and its Nanoparticles

According to the report published by Corinne Husten and Ii-Lun Chen, it is being predicted that in the next 10 years, the sale of electronic cigarettes shall surpass the total sale of tobacco cigarettes. In the year2013, the total sales of electronic cigarettes exceeded $1.7 billion. As per the report published by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “At least 10% of all students in America have tried e cigs and one in 5 regular smokers have tried their hand at vaping.”

While electric cigarettes are definitely safer than regular cigarettes, Priscilla Callahan-Lyon, an independent research analyst who went through over 18 studies on e cigs concludes that the vapor emitting from these devices may contain traces of solvents that cause irritation in the human lungs. Nonetheless, there may be some instances when these irritants can convert themselves into carbonyls or formaldehyde or even acetaldehyde. These can be compared to carcinogens but their impact is bear minimal when compared to the highly toxic carcinogens that are released when you smoke a tobacco cigarette.

There is a Level of Safety in Vaping

Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo in New York has also conducted its own research on the toxic levels in an electric cigarette. Maciej Goniewicz, who works in the institute said, “If in the near future, the manufactures of water vapor cigarettes decided to increase the existing power of their devices via the mechanism of their e-liquid solution that contains propylene glycol and glycerin, then the toxicity emitting from the vapor can increase several folds. If the nanoparticles are 300 nanometers in diameter, then they can be absorbed by the human lungs and then they shall form a fine layer within the organ, thereby causing trouble in normal breathing.”

As per a report, it has been stated that vapor emitting from e cigs disburses 3 milligrams per cubic meter of air of mass particles, which in turn is one hundred times higher than a day’s exposure to fine particles, as established by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is also a possibility that 40% of these particles can get deposited in the tiniest airway of the human lung. Nonetheless, when you compare the smoke emitting from a tobacco cigarette with the vapor emitting from an electronic cigarette, then without a shadow of a doubt, an e cig is a clear winner in terms of helping the human body retain its natural health, while allowing smokers to enjoy the nicotine-hit.

Top 3 Refillable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits Discussed by Tech-Cigarette.Com

Electronic cigarettes are one of the most suitable means of fulfilling your nicotine cravings in an effective manner. It has also been noticed that as compared to tobacco cigarettes, electric cigarettes are the single most effective means of allowing smokers to enjoy ‘throat-hit’, without causing any physical harm to the human body. This is owing to the lack of cancer causing carcinogens, tobacco, tar, ash and other toxic chemicals in electric cigarettes. Let us now discuss the top 3 e cig starter kits:

V2 Cigs Standard Plus Kit

V2 Cigs Standard Plus Kit

V2 Cigs Standard Plus Kit

The Standard Plus Kit from V2 Cigs is without a shadow of a doubt amongst the most popular starter kits available in the world today. The main reason why these kits are considered amongst the best in the entire business is owing to the fact that it contains all the vital goodies that are imperative to fulfill the throat-hit amongst smokers at no extra cost. This kit contains 2 v2 batteries, 1 wall adapter, 10 cartridges, one smart charger, one portable charging case and one v2 manual booklet. It has also been noticed that the low price of this kit is a major source behind its rising popularity. This kit is pegged at $99.95.

Green Smoke Pro Kit

Green Smoke Pro Kit

Green Smoke Pro Kit

It is a well known fact that the Green Smoke electronic cigarette brand is considered to be amongst the most popular brands available in the international market today. One of the main reasons why this brand is an internationally recognized brand is because these devices use cutting-edge technology in their vaping products, which enhance the vapor volume as well as taste of these cigarettes. This kit contains 3 batteries that are long lasting in nature, 10 flavored cartridges, one USB charger, 2 high powered car adapters, 2 high powered wall adapters and a deluxe carry case to hold all these vaping devices together. It has also been noticed that while vaping these e cigs, you not only enjoy full bodied flavors, you also have the ability to relish a vaping experience that you have never experienced in the past. The price of this kit is quite affordable and it is pegged at just $74.05 only.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

This is the third starter kit that deserves a special mention and it is also amongst the most popular vaping product available in the international market. This kit is fortified with a deluxe standard battery, a deluxe high capacity battery, one power cig, one portable wall charger, one USB charging adapter, one universal carry case and 10 large nicotine cartridges that are equivalent to 14 regular cigarettes.

Conclusion on Starter Kits

These 3 starter kits have been appreciated by the masses and they are also considered to be the best in the entire international market. These vaping products surpass their competitors by a wide margin.

Best Refillable E Cigarette Reviewed by

With so many e cigarette brands available in the international market, it is very tough to determine the#1 brand. Nonetheless, one vapor cigarette company that has been dominating the vapor cigarette industry happens to be v2 cigs. Let us understand how the v2 electric cigarettes function:

Best Refillable E Cigarette

Best Refillable E Cigarette

Why V2Cigs is the Best Refillable E Cigarette Brand

The main reason why v2 cigs is considered to be the best refillable vapor cigarette company is owing to the fact that the products manufactured here are made after incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology and their pricing too is perfect for allowing even the budget conscious smokers to purchase these vaping products easily.

Steps for Using V2Cigs Refillable Vapor Cigarette

1) The first step after ordering the v2 vaping product is to open the packet and check the contents. Although all products are different, yet each starter kit would contain a battery, a cartridge, a smart charger or an express charger and a user manual. You can go through the user manual to get an idea about the overall functionality of the vaping product.

2) The second step is to start charging your battery. In order to fully charge your battery, you simply need to screw it to the smart charger and plug that to your laptop. You need to attach the chord of your smart charger to the USB port of your laptop to get the desired results. In case your starter kit includes a wall charger, then you can connect your battery with a wall adapter as well. When you begin with the charging process, the LED light shall be red in color and when the battery is fully charged, the color of the LED light shall change to blue. The initial charge needs to be for two hour duration and a fully charged battery can last for up to 7 days.

3) The third step is to install a flavored cartridge to your battery. For this you simply need to remove the v2 cartridge from within its blister packing and remove the rubber cap (also termed as a stay-fresh cap). Screw the cartridge to our fully charged battery. When you do so, your battery would switch to a standby mode. This is when you may start to make use of it.

4) The last and final step is to start vaping. While doing so, you need to make sure that the first few puff needs to be short, after which, you can begin to take a deep puff. The first few short puffs shall simply help you activate the battery, thereby allowing the heating element to get activated. This action shall also ensure that with each puff, you get to enjoy a stable amount of vapor. The moment you puff on your e cigarette, the LED light shall glow, which is quite similar to a real cigarette.

How to Refill Disposable E Cig Cartridges

Refilling a disposable electronic cigarette cartridge is very much possible. All it requires is the correct knowledge to handle the spent e cig cartridge and ensure that you are able to refill it without damaging it in the act.

Tools Required for Refilling an E Cig Cartridge

Here is the list of products that you require for refilling a spent e cig disposable:

1) E cigarette fluid

2) A pair of tweezers

3) A Syringe (preferably a 3cc syringe with a 22g needle)

4) An empty electric cigarette cartridge

v2 cigs disposable

V2 Cigs Disposable

Steps to Refill a Disposable E Cig Cartridge

1) The first step is to dismantle the cartridge. For this very purpose, you need to make sure that you locate the hole of the empty cartridge and insert the tweezers into the gap. Thereafter, tug the cartridge cap slightly, so as to pull it upwards. The cap would pop out and once it does, all you need to do is to locate the silicone spacer (this is right behind the cap). There are some e cigarettes that do not have such a facility. Use the tweezers yet again to remove the spacer. Now, you can start to refill the cartridge.

2) The second step is to place a few tissue papers on the table, so as to avoid any leaking liquid nicotine to stain your surface. Thereafter, using the syringe, draw 1ml of e-liquid from an e-liquid bottle and slowly refill the spent cartridge with it. While doing so, you need to make sure that you do not insert the entire content at one go. Instead, simply insert some e-liquid at the wick and wait for a while before repeating the process. After a while, you would notice that the e-liquid would start to saturate at the top end of the wick.

3) The third and final step is to ensure that you draw in any extra e-liquid from the cartridge into the syringe. You should avoid the wick from being flooded with liquid nicotine- a wet look is tolerable though. Ideally, you should refill the disposable cartridge not more than 5 times, as it is not meant for reuse. A disposable e cig is ideally meant to be used just once and then replaced with a new disposable electric cigarette, when the first one has been used.

Facts on the New Legislations on Electronic Cigarettes in the United States

The regulation of electronic cigarettes in the state of California has raised several eyebrows and it has also caused a stir amongst those smokers who aspire to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and adopt a more suitable smoking alternative. According to the proposed bill, an e cigarette should be liable to be placed in the same category as regular cigarettes and hence, the rules against such smokeless devices need to be similar to the rules that are being applied towards tobacco cigarettes. While this does sound a bit too stern and this statement is not being liked by smoking enthusiasts the world over, the fact remains that such a proposal has indeed been passed on by the Californian legislation.

California E Cigarette Ban

It is interesting to note that when you are eating in a restaurant and you notice another individual dining in the same restaurant and violating the rules by merely smoking a cigarette, you feel compelled to go ahead and complain to the restaurant authorities. Nonetheless, you are in for a shock when you realize that the fellow diner was actually puffing an electronic cigarette and not a tobacco filled cigarette and therefore, he was permitted to smoke this device within the safe confined of the dining hall. The main reason why smokers are permitted to puff e cigarettes in public places is owing to the complete absence of second hand smoke that always emits from regular cigarettes.

Nonetheless, with the initiation of the Senate Bill 648 that has been initiated by senator Ellen Corbett would make it impossible for smoking enthusiasts to smoke an electric cigarette in public places, which in turn implies that you can no longer smoke cigarettes within playgrounds, restaurants, shopping malls and while traveling in public transport. In fact, the Californian bill would also lay stringent restrictions on the advertisement of e cigs in the region. According to the senator, the main reason behind the restrictions of electronic cigarette usage in public places in California was the findings of metal components in these smokeless devices during several studies that have been conducted on this product.

One of the main reasons behind the implementation of this bill in California was to ensure consistent regulation, which in turn would deter smokers from making use of e cigs as a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. While the ruling went in favor of this legislation by 21 to 10 votes, the fact remains that many people within the house were of the opinion that electric cigarettes was a better option as it could help smokers steer clear of the highly toxic tobacco cigarettes.

The E Cigarette Recycling Program from Green Smoke Gets a Thumb Up

An e cigarette is a device that has given birth to a smoking medium that is second to none, owing to which, more and more chain smokers, who were earlier habitual of smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes, have begun to puff e cigs instead. Hence, it is very evident that the popularity of electric cigarettes has indeed increased several folds in the past few years. It is also interesting to note that with the increase in electronic cigarette consumption, the levels of environmental pollution have dipped drastically. Especially when compared with the environmental pollution cause by regular cigarettes, e cigarettes prove to be almost non-polluting in nature and hence, they are planet friendly devices.

 Green Smoke E Cig  Recycle Program

It is a well known fact that regular tobacco filled cigarettes not only cause pollution by emitting thousands of highly toxic chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere, they also give rise to land pollution of extreme levels, by leaving behind residue in the form of spent cigarette packs. In fact, cigarette butts thrown carelessly by hundreds of millions of smokers on a daily basis, lead to the accumulation of highly toxic waste matter onto the earth’s surface, which in turn is the primary cause for several diseases spreading via the mechanism of environmental pollution. On the contrary, when you are puffing an electric cigarette, you are not involving cigarette packs made from paper. Hence, not only are you saving your environment from land pollution, you are also saving hundred of millions of trees that are cut in order to make paper.


In a recent development, Green Smoke electronic cigarette brand has initiated a special recycling program, which shall recycle spent cartridges thereby completely minimizing the chances of a possible environmental pollution. As per the green smoke spokesperson, when the customer has accumulated 80 spent green smoke e cig cartridges, he/she simply need to call the company and seek a recycle for the same. The green smoke e cigarette brand would then procure those cartridges via the free shipping mechanism and reward the concerned customer with twenty five loyalty points, which in turn are equivalent to $16.97. This amount can be used to get hold of a pack of FlavorMax cartomizers. The customer can choose the nicotine strength as well as the nicotine level.


Many people across the globe, especially environmentalists have expressed their happiness at this scheme as not only does it helps save the environment it also encourages smokers to adopt a more suitable means of fulfilling their nicotine cravings.

Ban on Puffing E Cigarettes in the UAE and its Aftereffects

The United Arab Emirates imposed a ban on puffing electronic cigarettes recently, yet it has been reported that smokers are rampantly breaking the law and indulging in puffing electronic cigarette by smuggling it via numerous ways and means into the country. During the investigations, it was revealed that an electronic cigarette in the UAE was being sold by unlicensed sellers for 50D a piece. The main reason why such dealers hike the price is owing to the false scarcity of electric cigarettes that they create in the market, which spreads like wildfire via the mechanism of Chinese Whispers. It has also been ascertained that China is a prime market for importing e cigs into UAE.

E cig smoking ban in UAE

Apparently, the main reason behind the proposed ban on the usage of e cigs was to reduce the nicotine addiction amongst youngsters in the country. It was also revealed that with the rampant usage of electric cigarette, smokers would be provided with the opportunity to use cigarettes that were devoid of nicotine content, which in turn would further reduce the aim of the public health department with regards to containing nicotine addiction within the country. The main reason why people in the UAE are using e cigs is because they consider it an alternate smoking device.

As per a senior health official in the UAE, the usage of electric cigarettes was indeed hampering the efforts of the World Health Organization to ban the usage of cigarettes in the world. According to the health ministry of the UAE, e cigs are considered as devices similar to tobacco cigarettes that are hampering the efforts of the country in reducing the total number of smokers in the country. The National Tobacco Control Program director and the head of the head of the Primary Healthcare Centre, Dr Wedad Al Maidour, was of the opinion that despite the GCC ban on the consumption of electrical cigarettes, these devices are being imported illegally and are being used rampantly.

Apparently, the health ministry of UAE is of the opinion that electric cigarettes are also harmful for the overall health of the individual and as adequate information is still unavailable with special regards to the safety of these smokeless devices, considering them apt for usage is not a good option. Dr Hanan Obaid went on to state to the Gulf News spokesperson that many smokers in the UAE consider e cigarettes to be a quit smoking cessation, which apparently has not been proven via statistical data and reports.

The health ministry at the UAE was of the opinion that as electronic cigarettes do not have any health warnings, it is highly likely that they would increase nicotine addiction amongst new smoking enthusiasts in the country. A Health Education Officer working at a senior post who also happens to be a Psychological Counselor, working at the American Centre for Psychiatry and Neurology, went on to state that rampant usage of e cigarettes could prove harmful for individuals.

Dr Salwa Zaky Hanna, also said that as there was not adequate information available on e cigarettes, it was highly likely that young as well as adult individuals in the UAE may mistake it as a suitable mechanism for fulfilling their nicotine cravings without facing any adverse health effects in the act, which apparently, may not be entirely correct.