It has been reported that leading Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones has decided to call it quits with regards to smoking tobacco and has apparently made a permanent switch to smoking electronic cigarettes. The switch came a few days after her husband, Michael Douglas, an iconic Hollywood superstar, suffered from throat cancer caused by excessive tobacco smoking.

Nonetheless, Michael Douglas was able to somehow recover from the cancer after undergoing a series of painful chemotherapy sessions as well as radiation therapies. While the chances of recovering from the stage IV cancer are scant, the actor managed to do the unthinkable after fighting the disease with grit determination. This apparently prompted his better half to quit smoking regular cigarettes and adopt e cigarettes instead.

Catherine Zeta Jones was seen smoking e cigarettes while holidaying in Europe. Apparently, Catherine was quite disturbed at what Michael had gone through while trying to recover from cancer. According to the doctors, Michael’s mouth would remain dry for another two years as the ducts which produce saliva had dried and he also lost 32 pounds during the year long turmoil against cancer.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that he is now recovering pretty well and has regained 12 pounds. Michael was quoted as saying that he now has just 25 more pounds to put on to completely regain his lost weight. He also seemed quite happy that his appetite had returned. Catherine decided to start smoking e cigs especially after this episode and is reported to have been using these smokeless cigarettes for the last three months now.

Apparently, the actor used to bring his two children along with him to the radiation room and have them watch his painful therapy. This was apparently to teach them that smoking tobacco cigarettes almost always has a painful ending. Nonetheless, after a year long ordeal, the actor managed to recover and started leading a normal life.

While the recovery process would take at least another year or two to accomplish, the celebrations have already started and the Douglas family is looking forward to a long and happy tobacco free future for all. Apparently, Michael has even resumed his shooting and is all geared up for his next upcoming film, which also stars Matt Damon. The lesson which he learnt from smoking tobacco helped Michael become a better person.

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