An electronic cigarette is a gift item which is always cherished by those who aspire to make their homes smoke free and tobacco free permanently. Have you realized that the offensive second hand smoke, which is also known to cause irreparable damage to the human body, is also directly responsible for taking numerous lives on a daily basis? With over a billion smokers worldwide and their numbers growing on a daily basis, the fact remains that people from all walks of lives are directly exposed to the perils of smoking cigarettes.

E Cig Xmas Gifting

A recent report published by a leading medical journal has confirmed the fact that the offensive smoke which emits from the mouth of the smoker as well as from a smoldering cigarette is more harmful for a passive smoker. Apparently, the chemical composition of a regular cigarette becomes all the more deadly once it emits from the lungs of a smoker. So, when a passive smoker happens to be in the vicinity of the smoking individual, he or she inhales poisonous fumes, which are twice as deadly as the fumes which a smoker inhales while smoking a regular cigarette. This is when the need to eliminate cigarettes from your lives becomes all the more important.

While smokers always try and quit smoking cigarettes, the nicotine urge which is initiated by tobacco cigarettes, is simply too strong to avoid and this in turn propels them to continue smoking regardless of the adverse health and financial impact they have on their bodies. Nonetheless, with time and technological innovations, it has been ascertained that now even a die hard chain smoker can actually get rid of his/her awful habit of smoking regular cigarettes by simply adopting an electronic cigarette. While an e cigarette closely resembles a regular cigarette, the fact remains that its functionality is poles apart. For a starter, an e cig does not contain tobacco and it is also relatively free from the offensive second hand smoke.

The best way to ensure that your loved one is healthy and free from the menace of regular cigarettes is to gift him/her a starter kit at the earliest given opportunity. Electronic cigarette starter kits are considered to be an ideal X’Mas gift for someone you really care about. Not only would electric cigarettes help the concerned smoker fulfill his/her nicotine urge, it would also allow the individual to continue smoking without inhaling the numerous harmful carcinogens that are always present in regular cigarettes.