An Overview:

Chase Cigs is a leading electronic cigarette brand. It has indeed done the impossible by surpassing the leaders in the smoking niche in several compartments and thereby becoming the global leader in several aspects pertaining to the electronic cigarette niche. As per the industry pundits, Chase Cigs have developed their starter kits using the most advanced and cutting edge technology, the world has ever known.

The distinct advantage of using this electronic cigarette is the absence of smoke, tar, ash, foul smell, harmful toxins, exorbitant price and stained teeth, while managing to retain the original look, feel as well as the taste, of a regular cigarette. Chase Cigs are the perfect medium for providing the concerned smoker with the required levels of nicotine, without causing any harm to the health of the concerned smoker.  The Chase Cig Starter Kit is priced at $69.95, which is also the base kit. This two piece cigarette model fortified with two batteries is highly recommended for smokers.

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The Chase Starter Kit

The original Chase Kit Starter Kit includes two specially designed Max Volt batteries, a USB charger, a wall adaptor, ten flavored cartridges, which in turn includes a super sampler and a flavor of the smoker’s choice and a comprehensive user manual. This kit is backed with a 45 days full money back guarantee. The kit is priced at $79.95 but with the aid of a special discount, you can take it home for just $69.95. Hence, you end up saving a whooping $10 on this kit.

The Chase Premium Starter Kit

The Chase Premium Starter Kit is for the serious smoker and it is ideally meant for those smoking enthusiasts who would love to quit smoking permanently and opt for the e smoking option instead. This kit includes three MaxVolt batteries (you can choose the color), specially designed 25 Chase Cigs cartridges that are equivalent to 32 packs of regular cigarettes,  a specially designed Chase Cigs charger kit, a carry case and an auto adaptor. The Chase Cig Premium Kit is priced at $119.95 but with the aid of a special discount, you can have it for a meager $109.95. This allows you to save a mind blowing $10 on the purchase of this kit.

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The Positive Features of Chase Cigs Starter Kits:

Great battery life- backed by 4.3 volt power

Provides a rich and fulfilling smoking experience

Has everything a smoker needs to begin his/her journey with smokeless cigarettes

Fortified with several delicious flavors

Batteries match the cartridges and the design is fabulous

The wall charger is sleek and low profile

Perfect for a serious as well as a casual smoker

The vapor volume is incredibly thick and voluminous

Final Verdict:

The Chase Cigs are undoubtedly a force to reckon with in the international smoking niche and they have indeed managed to make a name for themselves in such a short time span. They also boast of a dedicated help desk and you can contact them at the following toll free number 888-543-2447. You may also contact them at the following email address- The ingredients used in the cartridges include propylene glycol, nicotine as well as food flavors. The final verdict is out- this brand is certainly worth giving a try!

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