As per the latest statistical data, there are over a billion smokers in this world and this number is always on the rise. In fact, as per the latest statistical surveys, it has been revealed that in a few years, the smoking population would cross the two billion mark. This is certainly an alarming figure and people from all walks of lives, especially passive smokers, who have yet to touch a lit cigarette, are the most petrified by seeing this statistical data. The total number of smokers is never really going to dip and the fact remains that despite the rise in fatal diseases being caused by the offensive second hand smoke, people would continue to smoke cigarettes and become addicted to this product. Simply put, smoking is an activity which is never really going to stop and would continue to increase adding more and more enthusiastic smokers to their list with each passing day.

The need of the hour then is to ensure that smokers are given all kinds of options which can allow them to smoke cigarettes without the concerned smoker feeling the guilt in return. In simpler words, the fact remains that smoking cigarettes is an easy task, yet it also needs to be noted that smoking cigarettes is dangerous to your health. It has now been medically affirmed that smoking regular cigarettes that are filled with tobacco actually lead to several chronic ailments which are fatal in nature. Diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrests, respiratory tract infections as well as multiple organ failures are some of the few ailments which smokers are known to be stricken with. What is alarming is the extent to which innocent passive smokers need to suffer, simply because smokers are releasing tones of highly toxic fumes into the atmosphere, each time they light a cigarette.

It has been medically proven that the smoke that emits from the mouth of the concerned smoker is much more toxic than the smoke which he/she is known to inhale while smoking a cigarette. Apparently, smokers have tried nicotine patches as well as gum to get rid of their awful habit of smoking cigarettes but have failed completely in their endeavors to ensure that they maintain a smoke free existence. Incidentally, almost all smoker who smoke cigarettes and then resort to de-addiction methods just to quit smoking, get back to smoking and begin with their smoking endeavors even more aggressively. Even medications related to cigarette smoking do not affect the concerned smoker and they are left with no other choice but to resort back to smoking cigarettes in a rampant manner.

An electronic cigarette nowadays is being seen as a simple yet effective means of ensuring that the concerned smoker is allowed to smoke cigarettes daily without getting bothered by the adverse health effects pertaining to cigarette smoking. As a cheap electronic cigarette is free from tobacco as well as the highly offensive and toxic second hand smoke, the fact remains that people usually allow themselves to continue puffing on an electric cigarette. It has also been known that an e cig is free from the social stigma which is usually attached to people who smoke tobacco cigarettes. Besides, this smokeless device can be smoked freely in public places as well. All these reasons prove to be fruitful in ensuring that people from all walks of lives are making a permanent switch over to puffing on an electric cigarette, after calling it quits to regular cigarettes.

When the question revolves around comparing both products, then without a shadow of a doubt, the verdict goes in the favor of electronic cigarettes. Not only are these devices free from smoke, pollution as well as toxic chemicals, they are also free from carcinogens, which are considered cancer causing in nature. In fact, smokers prefer puffing an e cig also because these smokeless devices are way cheaper than the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.