In Chinatown, there are a few shops, which permit smoking enthusiasts to roll their own smoke. These shops are also known as roll your own cigarette shops and they seems to be in great demand with people from all walks of lives, including those who simply love to experiment with their daily dose of cigarettes. It has been noticed that the move for closure came into existence when the lawyers in the city got together to sign a petition with regards to the closure of these shops, one of which was located in Chinatown while the other was located in Staten Island. So, owing to this pact amongst the lawyers, both the shops, which once thrived by permitting smokers to roll their own smoke, would now be forced to shut shop permanently.


As per Eric Proshansky, the lead lawyer in this case stated, “The main reason why we wished to get this act in place was simply because we wished to nip the evil in the bud. Once people would be stopped from rolling their own cigarettes, they would certainly be dissuaded to purchase more cigarettes from other stores.” He went on to add, “We had no concerns with regards to the alleged tax collections but were more bothered by the fact that people never really bothered to realize that they were actually indulging in an act which could prove fatal for their health as well as the health of several other innocent people, who happen to inhale the deadly second hand smoke.” Apparently, this move has been liked by people from all walks of lives and it has also received positive acclaim from several sections of the society.

Apparently, these shops had a license to sell loose tobacco and hence, they were taking complete advantage of the situation and were indulged in selling loose tobacco which was of an inferior quality. Not only did this aggravate the already precarious scenario which smokers face on a daily basis by smoking tobacco cigarettes, the lack of quality products further aggravated their health issues and the concept of rolling their own cigarette was proving to be disastrous for the health of the concerned individuals. It is also good to understand that a carton of regular cigarettes, which was to be prepared at home, cost $45 as compared to the $100 charge, which is applicable when a carton is being manufactured in a factory.

While most citizens were happy at the closure of the shops, a few, probably smoking enthusiasts, were not so happy on seeing a closure come their way. Apparently, they failed to understand why such shops are being closed, as not only are they highly affordable for the budget conscious, they also permit smoking enthusiasts to mix and match, as they are rolling their own cigarettes. Besides, they were also of the opinion that if such shops were to be shut down, then why is tobacco, which apparently is being manufactured by large brands, is being permitted to be circulated along the length and breadth of the country. While their allegations may be correct from a certain angle, the fact remains that a rolled tobacco cigarette is more harmful as compared to a branded one.

Cigarette smoking is undoubtedly an act which needs to be done away with permanently. As per the latest statistical data, it has been proven that one in every ten individuals the world over die each year owing to the deadly diseases that are caused by tobacco smoke inhalation. At the same time, it has also been noticed that over 5 million Americans are known to die each year owing to smoking cigarettes which are laced with tobacco. Cancer, respiratory tract infections as well as cardiac failures are considered directly linked to the highly toxic fumes which are emitted from regular cigarettes and the fact remains that regular cigarettes also force non smokers to suffer the same fate. In fact, non-smokers are known to suffer much more as the smoke which emits from the lungs of a smoker is far more dangerous than the smoke which emits from a lit cigarette. The health concerns are undoubtedly the main reasons why people need to quit smoking permanently and lead a healthy life.

An electronic cigarette is looked upon as an ideal solution to smoking cigarettes. Not only is an e cigarette smoke-free and tobacco-free, it is also cheaper and easy to use. An electric cigarette functions with the aid of a battery, which in turn can be re-charged and hence, re-used. Besides, you have the distinct advantage of smoking these devices anywhere, even in public places.