Bali has been known to be a hub for people who wish to smoke cigarettes and reports have it that truckloads of regular cigarettes are sold here on a daily basis. This is apparently one of the main reasons why the government decided to take some strict action against such activities. As per the latest measure, there would be several stringent restrictions imposed on the advertisement of cigarettes in Bali and this in turn would prove to be a boon for school children as they are the most susceptible to getting lured into smoking tobacco in their teens.

While the smoking ban is proposed to be initiated early next year, the government of Bali has decided to allow tobacco manufacturing companies to participate in sponsoring any school activity, which may include sporting events or infrastructural development activities. As of now, it is considered illegal to smoke in this island resort in public in several areas, which in turn has also helped in reducing the total number of people smoking cigarettes in public. It has been noticed that ever since the ban came into place, the pollution levels caused by the offensive second hand smoke has been drastically reduced and this has also helped non-smokers heave a sigh of relief.

Several facilities such as temples as well as transport facilities have been singled out for this purpose and care is being taken to ensure that the smoking restrictions are adhered to very seriously. As per the proposed ban, not only would the smoking manufacturers be banned from selling cigarettes in school premises, they would also be banned from advertising for the same.

As per Councillor Parta, the main reason why smoking manufacturers were given a heads up in ensuring that they take active interest in advertising school activities is because this act would allow them to become more aware of the health issues which children may face owing to the offensive second hand smoke. He also said that advertising for cigarettes and promoting school events were two different things altogether.

 It is also suggested that smoking ban would help increase the tourism business in Bali. Nonetheless, several smokers are now making a switch to smoking electronic cigarettes for the very simple reason that they are smokeless devices which do not contain tobacco. Besides being free from the offensive second hand smoke, an e cigarette is also cheaper than regular cigarettes and it is also permitted to be smoked freely in public places.