Cigarette smoking is undoubtedly injurious to your health but little did you know that the litter which is created when you smoke cigarettes is even more harmful for your health as well as the complete environment as a whole. This is owing to the very simple fact that litter which is created when you smoke cigarettes does not remain limited to the offensive second hand smoke and is much more than just that. First of all, it is important to understand that a cigarette comes with a pack and this pack is made from paper. Not only does this force people to cut precious trees, when you throw away this pack, it turns out to be a garbage material, which causes numerous diseases.

cigarette litter is extremely dangerous

Do you know that even cigarette butts that are left behind when you have smoked a cigarette may prove to be a source of serious environmental pollution? Well, this is very true and it needs to be noted that small animals such as a dog or a bird can easily get killed if the toxic materials which are left behind by cigarette butts reach their food source and contaminate it. Besides contaminating food and proving to be fatal in nature smoking cigarettes, which are thrown away in their millions on a daily basis, cause fire and destroy property worth billions of dollars. It also needs to be noted that fires caused by smoking cigarettes can easily cause several deaths, which can be avoided under ordinary circumstances.

It has been known and is also considered a common fact in households wherein grown ups are known to smoke that the butts of cigarettes often come in the way of your meal plate. In simple words, it has been noticed that people who smoke cigarettes leave behind cigarette butts that at times are mixed with the food you or your children consume. This can prove to be dangerous for the health of your children and can cause severe gastrointestinal infections. In fact, small children are often known to mistake cigarette butts for food and they consume this deadly contaminated product unknowingly.

Last but not the least, cigarette smokers are known to cause a severe crunch on the national budget by giving rise to the medical expenditure on ailments which are directly related to cigarette smoke. As per the latest statistical reports, billions of dollars are spent annually on medical expenditure arising from the diseases caused by tobacco smoking. To avoid such a scenario, it is always recommended that you quit smoking and opt for a suitable alternative such as an electronic cigarette at the earliest given opportunity.