Smoking regular cigarettes is undoubtedly considered to be a leading health hazard, which in turn needs to be avoided at all costs. Nonetheless, despite being fully aware of the ill effects which are related to smoking tobacco cigarettes, chain smokers are simply unable to quit their smoking habit. In fact, they continue to smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. The alarming fact, which has come to light in a recent survey, is that instead of the total number of smokers reducing owing to the heightened promotions of anti-cigarette smoking campaigns undertaken by several health organizations the world over, the total number of smokers has actually risen and is all set to reach an alarming number pretty soon. This simply implies that people simply cannot stay away from their daily dose of cigarettes. A regular cigarette contains over 4000 toxic chemicals, of which, over 67 have been known to be cancer causing in nature. These are also known as carcinogens.

While it is a well known fact that cigarette manufacturers have had to face the wrath of the health organizations and they have been forced to reduce their advertising efforts, they still manage to rule the smoking niche by incorporating innovative ways to remain ahead in the deadly game of tobacco smoking. It has come to light that Philip Morris International as well as British American Tobacco, amongst a few other leading cigarette manufacturers have now started promoting their products with the introduction of the special menthol capsules. The special menthol capsules which is being packed within cigarettes, offers the smokers a “breathtaking shot” and forces them to get hooked to smoking this device. Apparently, the menthol capsule is fixed onto the cigarette filter and hence, it releases the menthol content directly into the lungs of the smoker with each inhalation.


The capsule was invented by Reynolds American and it has the ability to attract smokers by giving them with what they really need- a different taste which is perfectly blended with the traditional tobacco flavor. Japan Tobacco International, which in turn is considered to be the third largest tobacco manufacturing company in the entire world, is being touted to be manufacturing this special capsule and supplying them to prospective smoking enthusiasts via attractive packaging. The basic intention of introducing this special capsule is to permit smokers to have fun while smoking their favorite cigarettes. As per the company spokesperson of the Japan Tobacco International, it has been revealed that smoking enthusiasts, who have been provided with the new menthol laced cigarettes, have reported to have come again to buy the same cigarette. Hence, the follow up rate of the menthol capsules is rather high.

While this is not at all a new concept, as the Camel brand was the first to introduce the menthol flavors in their cigarette packs, the fact remains that such technological innovations were not hyped in those days. Apparently, in the year 2008, smoking laws had not become so stringent and hence, even the Camel Crush cigarettes were permitted to be smoked with utmost ease, yet the company never really had to promote these for the simple reason that regular cigarettes were flying off the shelves at warp speed. Nonetheless, when the company took a survey, it was found that customer who smoked Camel Crush Bold, found the flavor to be really exciting and they were all set to continue smoking these menthol laced cigarettes. In fact, several chain smokers as well as loyalists of the Camel brand admitted to have been so highly influenced by the menthol flavor that they actually decided to quit smoking regular cigarettes and preferred sticking to the menthol flavored Camel Crush Bold instead.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that smoking regular cigarettes is harmful for the overall health of the smoker and even more harmful for the health of the non smoker. For this very simple reason, people from all walks of lives have started smoking cigarettes that are free from tobacco and the offensive second hand smoke. An electronic cigarette is a perfect example of such a device and it is being preferred by people from all walks of lives. An e cigarette is a tobacco-free device, which functions with the aid of a rechargeable battery. Owing to the lack of the use of a matchstick, these devices do not produce any smoke and hence, they are comparatively safe for the non smoking population. In fact, several studies that have been conducted on electric cigarettes have confirmed that the levels of chemicals present in an e cig are within the human tolerance limit and hence, an electric cigarette is considered safe for human consumption.