While cigarette smoking has been deemed as an act which is best avoided, the fact remains that smokers from across the globe are still continuing to smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. It has also been noticed that people from all walks of lives have indeed become health conscious and wish to steer clear of the deadly diseases and chronic ailments that are directly related to smoking cigarettes. Nonetheless, it is also a well known fact that to quit smoking for a chain smoker is much similar to taking the heart out of a living being and asking him to survive. While quitting quit smoking is not at all an easy task, yet smokers do realize the dangers which come in the form of cancer, cardiac issues and other chronic ailments that need to be well taken care off and hence avoided by quitting regular cigarettes altogether.

The biggest flaw in making this dream a reality is the cigarette packs. Apparently, these packs are so well designed and enhanced with graphics as well as colors that they never once fail in impressing even a layman. Owing to this very fact, people from all walks of lives, especially youngsters get hooked on to smoking cigarettes and this in turn causes a lot of problems to those who do not wish to see their family members or friends smoke regular cigarettes. As per a study published by the British Heart Foundation, it has been revealed that smoking enthusiasts as well as first time smokers have the tendency to get highly influenced by the color depicted on cigarette packs.

It has also been revealed in the British Heart Foundation study that people who fall in the age group of sixteen to twenty five years are the most affected by such colors. As the young population is main deciding factor for the total number of cigarette smokers in the near future, the fact remains that if colors on cigarette packs are checked and maintained, it would become all the more simpler to check the total number of smokers from increasing on a yearly basis. Even leading health organizations are of the opinion that in case the concerned individual has not been subjected to viewing cigarette packs that are using vibrant colors, the chances are that they would never be lured into smoking tobacco cigarettes. This in turn would help people steer clear of tobacco smoking for the rest of their lives.

As per the survey, it was revealed that over 25% of all individuals who expressed their wish to smoke cigarettes, preferred smoking those cigarettes whose packs had vibrant and colorful options displayed on top of their packs. In fact, most of the subjects preferred the usage of the purple color on top of their cigarette packs. Some subjects had developed a fetish of blue colored cigarette packs and considered these to be perfect under all circumstances as the color blue made them believe that the cigarettes inside the pack were safe for human consumption. As far as the representative of British Heart Foundation was concerned, the opinion of all members within the group was to permit people to smoke cigarettes that were being sold through the means of plain packaging. Plain packaging, as per the spokesperson of British Heart Foundation, would deter young and gullible smokers from smoking cigarettes at an early age.

In the study, it was also ascertained that over 75% of all subjects would quit smoking or would never have taken up smoking regular cigarettes, had the packs not been attractive enough to get the better of their judgment. Without a shadow of a doubt, this reveals the importance of using packs that are dull or have graphic labels highlighting the plight of smokers who use regular cigarettes on a daily basis. While using plain and simple packaging and incorporating graphic labels is the need of the hour to force regular smokers to quit smoking cigarettes, the fact remains that in order to permit smoking enthusiasts to continue smoking without the usual health ill effects, the need for incorporating electronic cigarettes is essential. An electric cigarette is a smokeless device, which does not have any tobacco content.

When you smoke e cigs, not only do you manage to fulfill your nicotine cravings, you also manage to ensure that you continue smoking these on a daily basis without contracting the chronic ailments usually related to smoking regular cigarettes. At the same time, e cigarettes can be smoked even in public places and as compared to regular cigarettes, they are also cheaper.