There is an ongoing debate between the government authorities and the health organizations in New Zealand, with regards to raising the prices of cigarette packs to a mind blowing $100. The main reason which is being cited as the initiator of such a drastic demand was the overgrowing population of people smoking regular cigarettes in New Zealand, which in turn needed to be stopped by hook or by crook. Apparently, in New Zealand, the proposal of raising the price of cigarette packs till it reaches the $100 per pack mark has been initiated to ensure that by the year 2025, New Zealand becomes a smoke free nation. A pack of twenty cigarettes at present costs $17 on an average.  This is apparently why smokers have started to puff electronic cigarettes as these smokeless devices prove to be cheaper.

Anti smoking organizations are of the opinion that if the price of a pack of cigarettes touches the $100 mark, not many smokers would be attracted to smoking cigarettes. This is how they would quit smoking and opt for a healthier alternative altogether. Nonetheless, Prime Minister John Key was of the opinion that by raising the price of a pack of twenty cigarettes to $100 would simply be attracting black marketers. According to him, it would not help resolve the issue of stopping more smokers from joining the smoking brigade. Even Ben Youdan, the director of anti tobacco campaign Ash, was of the opinion that a $100 price tag for a pack of twenty cigarettes was a bit over the mark and it may not resolve the issue of rampant smoking.

Ben Youdan was of the opinion that the price of cigarettes should be brought up to $40 in the coming years and several other anti-smoking campaigns should be initiated by the government to reduce the total number of smokers in the country. Ben Youdan was advocating for realistic anti smoking campaigns in a bid to reduce the overall consumption of regular cigarettes in New Zealand. Apparently, most anti smoking organizations were of the opinion that it was more important to supports smokers who have quit smoking or are considering quitting smoking regular cigarettes. This can only be achieved when the government implements effective anti smoking policies in the near future.

According to the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research data, it has been revealed that if the government plans to increase the tax on cigarettes by 60%, the total number of new smokers in the country can be halved. At the same time, if the government continuously increases the price of its cigarettes by 30%, then by the year 2025, more than 5% reduction in the total number of smokers can be witnessed in New Zealand alone. According to a statistical data, over six hundred and fifty thousands people in New Zealand smoke cigarettes. Apparently, this is one of the main reasons why the tax on tobacco products has been hiked considerably ever since the year 2010.  Owing to the increase in the price of tobacco products, the purchase of lose tobacco has declined by 14% and the purchase of regular cigarettes has declined by 6.2% in the country.