A regular cigarette is known to contain over 4000 known chemicals which are considered harmful for the health of the concerned individual. Not only do they cause several diseases, they are also known to cause widespread environmental pollution. In fact, it is the carcinogens present in tobacco cigars which cause the maximum damage. These carcinogens cause cancers of various kinds, including lung cancer. This is a disease in which the cells present in the lungs of the human body are forced to grow at a rapid pace, which in turn give rise to tumors and hence, untimely death. Individuals who are above the age of 45 are prone to suffer from this dreaded disease and if you smoke cigarettes, your chances of contracting lung cancer are magnified to a great extent.

Lung cancers are of two types. The first is called the primary lung cancer, wherein the cancer is present within the lungs and further spreads to other parts, while the second kind is termed as the secondary lung cancer, wherein the cancer spreads from other parts of the body to the human lungs. Most lung cancers are categorized as carcinomas, which is a malignant tumor, which in turn is caused by the epithelial cells. The size as well as the shape of the carcinomas in turn distinguishes the nature of the lung cancer in a human body. This once again divides lung cancer in humans into two sub categories, which are the non small cell lung cancers and the small cell lung cancers.

While there are several reasons why a human body gets stricken by lung cancer, smoking tobacco cigarettes is considered to be a major cause for lung cancer in human beings. In fact, the second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes is also known to be a major contributor in causing lung cancers in human beings. Other reasons which may cause lung cancer include heredity, exposure to harmful chemicals, asbestos and radon. While a few of these cannot be avoided, especially heredity, cigarette smoking can certainly be done away with. If individuals stop smoking regular cigarettes, then the chances of them getting stricken with lung cancer can be drastically reduced. Hence, even innocent second hand smokers, who are habitual of inhaling smoke emitting from lit cigarettes, are prone to suffer from cancer.

The main symptom of lung cancer is cough. Whenever you notice an individual who is coughing up blood, he/she may be suffering from lung cancer. At the same time, pain in the chest region as well as deep breathing is also a symptom of this deadly disease. In fact even swelling in the neck region as well as the face, can be attributed to a malignant tumor in the lungs. Consistent respiratory tract infections, loss of appetite, loss of weight and wheezing can be considered symptoms of this cancer. Even difficulty in swallowing food is a symptom of lung cancer.

Without a shadow of a doubt, lung cancer is a deadly disease, which can even take an individual’s life. It is therefore in the best interest of the concerned individual to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Nowadays, smokers have started using electronic cigarettes as they are free from tobacco and smoke.