Smoking cigarettes is injurious to health. This phrase holds true for regular cigarettes, which contain tobacco and are undoubtedly bad for the human health. When the discussion revolves around cigarettes, then without a shadow of a doubt, electronic cigarettes are spared from the bad word of mouth which regular cigarettes seem to enjoy.

It has been ascertained that those individuals who are habitual of smoking cigarettes and are also suffering from eye thyroid diseases are likely to undergo strabismus surgery, in a bid to correct their disorder. As per the latest medical reports, it has been claimed that those individuals who suffer from eye infections are two times more prone to undergo strabismus surgery, as compared to non smokers.

This report clearly states that smoking tobacco as well as chewing tobacco can be fatal for the health of the concerned individual. It also needs to be noted that the chemicals which are present in the tobacco cigarette are essentially responsible for causing irreparable harm to the human body. In a study that was conducted in the year 1997 and went on till the year 2002, it was revealed that out of the 425 patients, over 378 patients who suffered from the eye disease and were considered liable to undergo the strabismus surgery, happened to be regular smokers.

This is clearly shows the ill effects of tobacco on the human body. Apparently, this is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives are now trying to avoid smoking tobacco cigarettes and adopt suitable alternatives, which are also safe for the body. While smokers with eye infections should undoubtedly avoid smoking regular cigarettes, they need to fully understand that in case they wish to continue smoking cigarettes, they need to try and smoke cigarettes which do not contain tobacco. This need can be fulfilled with the use of smokeless cigarettes, which are also known as e cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette has the natural capacity to ensure that your nicotine cravings are fully met and that you are still able to smoke freely without inhaling the deadly tobacco smoke, which usually emits from regular cigarettes. As electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are smokeless in nature, they are also legally permitted to be smoked in public places. It also needs to be noted that smoking e cigs shall permit the smoking individual to save his/her hard earned money in the act as these devices cost one third the cost of traditional cigarettes.