Smoking cigarettes is not only a bad habit, which is known to adversely affect the health of the concerned smoker; it is also known to put a lot of pressure on the wallets of smokers. Apparently, those who are habitual of smoking cigarettes now have to pay a higher amount of insurance premium.  More and more individuals who are smoking regular cigarettes have now been forced to shell out higher premium amounts. This is just to ensure that the insurance claims that chain smokers have taken are not spelling losses for the insurance companies.

Many major companies across the globe have started to charge higher premium rates from their employees, which in turn imply an increment of $50 or even more on a monthly basis. One of the main reasons why premium rates have been increased in the past few years is because healthcares costs have doubled at warp speed. The main reason behind the increased healthcare costs is the increase in the number of diseases which are caused owing to cigarette smoking. It has also been assessed that smokers incur a 25% more healthcare costs to the company they work for as compared to the healthcare expenses incurred by non smokers working in the same company.

While most companies have increased their insurance premium rates for those employees who smoke cigarettes, others have been a bit mellow in their stand and instead of increasing their insurance premium rates, they have decided to offer healthcare plans such as weight loss, fitness programs as well as yoga. This is being incorporated into the company regime in order to attract smokers towards the healthier side of life. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States alone, over $92 billion are lost annually in terms of lost wages. This is all owing to the very simple reason that smokers often die a premature death. In fact, in the United States, the direct healthcare costs of smokers are in the excess of $75 billion on an annual basis.

Owing to the rising health case costs pertaining to cigarette smokers, most companies are of the opinion that it is in their best interest to ban smoking in the office premises. While several chain smokers are not at all happy with this decision, the fact remains that a majority of the workforce in all major companies are in favor of a smoke ban within the company premises and an increase in premium rates for those employees who are habitual of smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. Smoking is a silent killer and in the United States alone, over four hundred thousand people are known to lose their lives annually because they smoke cigarettes.

In recent years, it has been noticed that smokers have started to quit smoking regular cigarettes and puff e cigs instead. Apparently, electronic cigarettes are smokeless devices that are free from tobacco as well as the highly offensive second hand smoke because of which, they are preferred over the regular cigars. An e cigarette is also cheaper than traditional cigarettes.