Smoking a regular cigarette has always been considered as an act of courage, especially in the case of a male. Apparently, the fact remains that a male member has always been fascinated with the thought of smoking cigars, a cigarette or even a pipe, in a bid to woo the opposite sex. By smoking cigarettes, a man is actually exhibiting his manhood and trying to convey to the world that he is no longer a small child in need of constant nurturing. While smoking cigarettes used to be considered an act of exhibiting the maturity in an adult, nowadays, things are quite the opposite and people all over the globe have started to consider smoking cigars as a social stigma. In fact, nowadays, people have started to realize the perils of smoking tobacco laden cigarettes and hence, more and more people are calling it permanent quits. Nonetheless, despite the rising awareness, people are still smoking cigarettes in a rather reckless manner and this in turn is hampering them from achieving sound physical as well as metal health, thereby forcing them to under perform at work.

Cigarettes are made from tobacco as well as nicotine, which in turn is usually rolled in a paper and then lit with the aid of a match. Nonetheless, the fact remains that cigarettes also contain several other highly toxic chemicals which otherwise should be avoided by human beings. In fact, several reports as well as case studies, have affirmed the fact that a single lit cigarette releases over 4000 highly toxic chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere, which in turn magnifies the already precarious global warming scenario. Not only does a lit cigarette pollute the environment, it has also been known that the concerned smoker hampers his health by simply inhaling this highly toxic material with each puff. Apart from tar and ash, the carcinogens present in a regular cigarette are known to cause cancers of various kinds and this in turn forces the concerned smoker to lead a handicap life for ever.

Smoking cigarettes not only causes cancer, it also leads to several chronic ailments of the respiratory tract besides of course, causing cardiac arrests on a regular basis. At the same time, innocent passive smokers are known to suffer the most by falling prey to all these diseases by simply inhaling the highly offensive second hand smoke emitting from regular cigarettes. It has also been confirmed that one in every ten deaths the world over are caused by cigarette smoking. With over 400,000 deaths in the United States alone, it is a very well known fact that smoking cigarettes is actually fatal for the overall health of the concerned individual and that it needs to be stopped at the earliest given opportunity. The highlight of smoking cigarettes is its negative impact on the human mind. Cigarettes are highly addictive in nature and hence, they tend to hamper the performance of an individual. The performance can be linked to the workplace and it can also be linked with the day to day activities as well.

As smokers are fine tuned to regulate their daily routine with the aid of a cigarette, the deprivation of nicotine can actually cause a negative reaction in the human brain thereby leading to feeling of dullness, irritation as well as lack of alertness in the concerned individual. In order to become energetic once again, the concerned individual is forced to light a cigarette. To counter this menace, it has been noticed that people from all walks of lives have started to seek a healthier alternative in the form of an electronic cigarette. An electric cigarette is smokeless and free from tobacco. Besides, an e cigarette is also free from the social stigma which a cigarette is linked too and an e cig also proves to be a way cheaper alternative when compared to a regular cigarette.