People from all walks of lives have been made aware of the complications involved in smoking regular cigarettes. While numerous advertisements as well as banners, which include the statutory warning label on cigarette packs, have indeed helped people realize the perils of smoking regular cigarettes, billions worldwide still continue to smoke freely.

This is undoubtedly an alarming fact as smoking tobacco is not only deadly for the individual who smokes cigarettes but it also happens to be fatal for that individual who happens to inhale the offensive second hand smoke while not even touching a live cigarette in return. This is when the need of the hour is to realize the dangers that are involved while smoking cigarettes and these dangers are meant solely for passive smokers.

While smokers are known to suffer from numerous ailments, which include the deadly cancer disease, the fact remains that even passive smokers, who have yet to taste a live cigarette are susceptible of falling prey to numerous ailments which are deadly in nature. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that the smoke which emits from the lungs of the smoker is deadlier than when it is initially emitted from the cigarette itself. In simple words, a passive smoker is at a higher risk of contracting a fatal disease as compared to the one who is actually smoking cigarettes. This actually makes the passive smoker a scapegoat.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it has been noticed that people, no matter how well aware they are about the dangers of smoking, are always finding ways and means of satisfying their nicotine urge, which in turn has been injected in their system via the means of tobacco cigarettes. So, in case you happen to belong to the innocent passive smoking community, you can be rest assured that you would be suffering much more than what a regular smoker would. Don’t you think, this is absolutely incorrect?

Undoubtedly, this is not fair and smokers should realize that by smoking tobacco cigarettes, they are not only endangering their lives but also the lives of their family members as well as those individuals who are completely unknown to them. While smoking is dangerous and can kill a non smoker, quitting smoking is not an easy task for the smoking individual. Nonetheless, the best way to continue smoking without involving the deadly second hand smoke is by using an electronic cigarette. As per reports, an e cigarette is free from tobacco and it is also smokeless. Besides, e cigs completely satisfy the nicotine cravings of the concerned user.