It is a well known fact that smoking regular cigarettes is undoubtedly unhealthy for the human body. With the passage of time, more and more individuals have been known to take up smoking cigarettes for the very simple reason that it allows them to appear more fashionable and it also helps them take control of their stress levels in a more appropriate manner. Despite realizing fully well that smoking cigarettes is injurious for a human body, the total number of smokers are increasing with each passing day. It has also been officially accepted that smoking is proving to be the second most important reason behind the rising deaths in the United States. In simpler words, regular cigarettes are the second biggest killer in the United States.

Smoking regular cigarettes is harmful not only for the health of the smoker; it also proves to be immensely harmful for the health of those who have never smoked a single cigarette in their entire lives. Also known as passive smokers, these individuals often fall prey to the highly toxic second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes. This is also one of the main reasons why even passive smokers are known to suffer from various chronic ailments, which are usually linked to those people who smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. Smoking cigarettes is also linked to high amounts of environmental pollution. It is important to note that tobacco is a fragile plant, which requires large amounts of chemicals to keep it alive and in good shape.

While nurturing the tobacco plant, farmers make use of several harmful pesticides, which include the deadly methyl bromide. This chemical is supposedly harmful for the ozone layer. It is supposed to make a hole in the ozone layer, if it is released into the air on a regular basis. At the same time, most pesticides as well as insecticides which are used during tobacco farming are known to seep into the ground, thereby polluting the water table. Aldicarb is one such chemical which contaminates the ground water and it is often used while raising the tobacco plant. Researchers have also found that this chemical is highly toxic in nature and it can easily cause severe damage to the human body as well as cause irreparable harm to the health of animals.

The manufacturing procedure causes immense environmental damage as several chemicals including ammonia, phosphoric acid, methyl ethyl ketone and hydrochloric acids are involved in the producing cigarettes. Cigarette manufacturing is therefore a bane for the environment as it releases tones of highly toxic chemicals in the air and the ground. Besides, transporting cigarettes from one location to another requires the use of trucks and airplanes, which in turn burns fossil fuels and cause immense environmental pollution. Last but not the least a single cigarette releases thousands of harmful chemicals in the air, which also includes carcinogens.

Over 4.5 trillion cigarettes are smoked the world over on an annual basis. This undoubtedly gives rise to cigarette butts, which are usually left on the ground. Undoubtedly, this aggravates the already precarious environmental pollution status to a great extent. Electronic cigarettes are therefore being seen as a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. As e cigarettes are smokeless and free from tobacco, smokers prefer making use of them. Besides, an electric cigarette is also cheaper than regular cigarettes, which makes these devices highly affordable in nature. E cigs are also considered to be free from carcinogens.