It has been brought to the notice of the entire world that the Zimbabwe cigarette smuggling nexus is indeed a dangerously organized one and undoubtedly perfect for throwing the entire country into utter chaos.  As per the latest news reports, the cigarette smuggling trade in this country has crossed the multi million dollar mark and this cross border smuggling operation is carried out by well organized smuggling syndicates. Apparently, these smugglers are heavily armed and definitely dangerous and this is one of the main reasons why they have been known to attack soldiers and concerned government authorities, whenever they are intercepted near the Limpopo River.

Apparently, the smuggling is carried out in a rather sophisticated manner and the use of contraband is in rampant use. Specially designed rucksacks are used while ferrying cigarettes from one place to another. Smugglers are known to be paid R150 per single crossing and these smugglers make use of the Limpopo River to get the smuggled goods from one place to another. Apparently, the smuggling syndicates help such smugglers to get across the border. It has been confirmed that each runner is capable of carrying two boxes, wherein each box contains a hundred cartons of cigarettes.

Runners who smuggle these cigarettes are known to cover a distance of almost thirty kilometers in a single go, just in order to evade the preying eyes of the government authorities. When these cigarettes are brought into the South African black market, then each carton of cigarettes is priced at R125. Hence, this simply implies that each smuggler who runs 30 kilometers through the bush is capable of carrying goods worth R12,900. This is undoubtedly the main reason why the cigarette smuggling business in Zimbabwe has become a multi-million dollar trade.

Limpopo police spokesperson, Lt-Col Ronel Otto, stated that these smuggling gangs were highly organized and dangerous, yet the government has managed to set up specialized forces to counter the menace of such smuggling acts. “We have had immense success in containing the smuggling racket to a great extent. We recently managed to apprehend four smugglers who were carrying cigarettes worth R2 million.” He informed with a smile.