In Washington, D.C, a district judge has ruled that placing graphic labels on cigarette packs was an unconstitutional act. This ruling took place on February the 29’th in the Washington courthouse. Apparently, this ruling is quite contrary to several claims which anti-smoking organizations have made in a bid to put a permanent stop to the rampant smoking activities which are literally plaguing individuals across the globe. As per Richard J. Leon, who also happens to be the concerned judge, “As far as the constitution goes, corporate as well as individuals, have the right to speak what they like and avoid mentioning things that they would not like to reveal.”

In June 2011, the Food and Drug Administration decided to force tobacco manufacturing companies to include graphic labels on cigarette packs, so as to show people what they can really expect after smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. This graphic representation was not liked by leading tobacco manufacturing firms and hence, they filed a lawsuit against this decision. The proposed labels included an individual breathing with the aid of an oxygen mask, a mouth which showcased the ill effects of lip cancer and throat cancer, a cartoon depicting an immature baby within the confines of an incubator, as well as an image of a women crying uncontrollably.

Apparently, the depiction of cancerous lesions on cigarette packs as a part of the graphic label depiction campaign was not at all liked by leading tobacco manufacturers. Undoubtedly, such graphic labels would undoubtedly reduce the sale of cigarettes and increase the burden on tobacco manufacturing companies the world over. As per the regulations, cigarette manufactures need to incorporate nine warning labels in their cigarette packs. These are mandatory and considered appropriate by the Food and Drug Administration in order to reduce the total number of people smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that the American Academy of Pediatrics is of the opinion that such labels may help children steer clear of smoking regular cigarettes. At the same time, Obama administration was of the opinion that the depiction of graphic labels should be incorporated with the single minded aim of spreading awareness amongst people from all walks of lives, with regards to the ill effects of smoking regular cigarettes. Without a shadow of a doubt, people from all walks of lives are well aware of the fact that smoking cigarettes is harmful for the overall health of the human body. Owing to this very simple reason, people from all walks of lives have started to quit smoking cigarettes and are now opting to puff on electronic cigarettes instead.

An e cigarette is free from tobacco and hence, it is considered safer than smoking a regular cigarette. The second biggest flaw that is found in regular cigarettes is the highly offensive second hand smoke which emits from them. On the contrary, an electric cigarette is free from smoke and it is therefore safer for the environment as well. Last but not the least; an e cig is cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are considered to cost one third the price of regular cigarettes, owing to which, they are preferred by the budget conscious smokers.