Offensive smoke is no longer associated with smoking cigarettes. Gone are the days when people used to ridicule smokers for creating clouds of smoke and used to rush to the other corner to avoid being stricken by the deadly second hand smoke. With the introduction of the electronic cigarette, people have now started realizing the true worth of smoking these smokeless devices and yet managing to enjoy the much needed nicotine hit with each and every single puff they inhale.

e cig vapor is harmless

So, how come these devices are free from smoke and how do they not give rise to toxic gaseous fumes which usually seem to envelop smokers as well as non smokers each time a regular cigarette is lit? Well, the answer to this question is fairly simple. Apparently, the main reason why people from all walks of life prefer smoking electronic cigarettes is because these devices are poles apart from regular cigarettes. As compared to regular cigarettes, it has been noticed that smokeless cigarettes have no tobacco content and hence, they also do not need a match to light.

This is apparently, the main reason why electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke even while you start to make use of them. Also known as smokeless cigarettes, these devices work on a unique mechanism. They make use of a cartridge which in turn is filled with liquid nicotine and an atomizer which is the screwed to the battery to provide power to the e cig. The smoke which is emitted when you use an electronic cigarette is in reality vapor, which is quite harmless in nature. This vapor emits from the corners of your mouth only when the atomizer manages to successfully ignite the cartridge, which in turn contains liquid nicotine. When liquid nicotine is heated, it transforms into harmless water vapor.

Hence, when you smoke e cigs, all that you emit from the corners of your mouth is harmless water vapor and not smoke. Nonetheless, when the question revolves around trying to quit smoking, then the best option is to adopt a method wherein you can still enjoy the thrill of smoking cigarettes without harming your health in any manner. Such thrill can only be provided when you start to smoke electric cigarettes. As they are free from tobacco, they can be smoked anywhere and you need not rush to a safe zone to smoke these. Besides, they are cheaper and certainly safer when compared to smoking regular cigarettes.