Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes stand apart from the remaining brands with the aid of their e-cig skins. Using these skins, you can actually transform the outward appearance of your e-cigarette and merge it with numerous patterns as well as colors. Such customization is missing in most e-cigarette brands and is undoubtedly the main reason why smokers across the globe prefer using Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes.

Our expert review panel ordered a pack of Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes and was pleased with the way the e-cig skins permitted them to conceal the cigarette in the open and allowed them to puff away in public without attracting the usual stares. Even their family and friends didn’t seem to mind that. Besides the e-skins, these cigarettes comprise of two parts instead of the usual three and the flavoring options available in Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes are very exciting.

Facts on Cigarti Electronic Cigarette

# These cigarettes comprise of two components instead of the usual three part e-cigarettes available in the market. Each cigarette is made of a cartridge and a battery. Simply replace the cartridge when it is finished and replace it with another and continue puffing without any glitch. Here, you need not dismantle the e-cigarette each time it needs a refill. All you need to do is to simply take a new cartridge and then attach the battery to it.

# Cigarti offers five different levels of nicotine. Also, you can now enjoy a wide variety of delicious flavors via your cartridges. You can choose from Apple, Vanilla, Mint, Grape, Lemon, Orange, Tobacco and Strawberry. The nicotine levels in the cartridges range from 11mg, 8mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

# Cigarti offers a free membership card to its customers which authenticates that they are users of a genuine product. The membership card also makes them eligible for partaking in several exciting discounts, offers and promotions which are introduced by the brand for privileged card holders from time to time.

# Cigarti offers two kinds of batteries. Both are rechargeable and one battery happens to be larger than the other. The larger battery is ideally meant for day use. At night, you can use the other battery and allow the day battery to recharge. This way, you can continue to smoke Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes without any interruptions.

Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes Kits

You can choose from two kits. The first is the traditional ‘Starter Kit’ and the second happens to be the ‘Mini Set’.

The Starter Kit is priced at $122.99 and includes 6 Cigarti nicotine cartridges, 2 rechargeable batteries, one USB charger kit with a wall adapter, a user manual and a Cigarti membership card.

The Mini Set is priced at $59.99 and includes one battery, one USB charger and adapter, one cartridge, one leather case for carrying cigarettes & accessories, a manual and a free Cigarti membership card.

Our expert review panel comprising of regular smokers and smoking critics have come to the decision that Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes have a charisma few competing brands can match. Not only are the cigarettes tasty, they give a high without harming your health to the extent to which traditional cigarettes do.. What more can you ask for!