Cigarette smoking is on the rise and people from all walks of lives have been known to continue smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. There have been several reports that have clearly stated that people who once start smoking cigarettes are simply unable to quit and are therefore hooked onto life, making their lives as well as the lives of others around them miserable. Nonetheless, as cigarette smoking is a regular procedure and people from all walks of lives simply cannot afford smoking yet cannot quit at the same time, a suitable alternative needs to be put in place, which allows people to smoke freely yet reduce their burden that is applied to their wallets as well as their health. Such an option exists in the form of an electronic cigarette alone.

Besides the high cost of cigarettes, those who are known to be chain smokers also need to pay a higher premium rates to insurance companies. This too adds to their already existing woes and often perturbs their already precarious budgets. There have been several claims wherein smokers have complained of being charged 45% more interest rates as compared to other people, who apparently seems to fall in the category of non-smokers. This is simply owing to the fact that smokers are known to be affected by chronic diseases and hence, their morality rates are rather high and undoubtedly much higher when compared to regular people.

It has also been noticed that as compared to non-smokers, a smoker ideally misses office 50% more than non smoking individuals and hence, creates a non working environment at the office. This report has been confirmed by the medical representatives. As per the report that was released by the Dow Chemical Company, in the year 1975, it was revealed that smokers miss office 5 times more than non smokers on an annual basis. At the same time, the report also established that smokers spent more time taking smoking breaks as compared to non smokers, and this in turn hampered the company to achieve optimal productivity levels. Even the number of errors at workplace committed by smokers is much higher than the total number of errors made by non smokers.

It has also been noticed that ever since several companies have banned cigarette smoking in their premises, the expenditure incurred by these companies has been drastically reduced. Now, there is less cleaning involved as the lack of cigarette butts and ash makes the floor cleaner. In fact, even the furniture is kept clean and free from dirt that usually initiated from cigarette butts and ash. At the same time, the offensive smell which cigarettes expel spoils the atmosphere on the whole, thereby creating an atmosphere which is non-conducive to achieving optimum work efficiency. At the same time, the lack of furniture replacements has been reduced ever since corporate organizations started declining smokers to smoke within the office premises.

Most e cigarette brands offer refill cartridges that have a nicotine strength which ranges from 0 mgs to 24 mgs. This in turn allows smokers from all walks of lives to choose a refill cartridge which suits their persona the most. At the same time, as an electric cigarette is completely devoid of tobacco, it is definitely safer when compared to traditional cigarettes. At the same time, it has also been noticed that the lack of toxic fumes in an e cig make these devices safer for the environment when compared to regular cigarettes. So, over here, not only those individuals who prefer smoking cigarettes that are high in terms of nicotine strength but even those individuals who prefer smoking cigarettes that are low or nil in nicotine content, can actually relish a thrilling smoke at all times. For those who like the crackling sound while they smoke cigarettes, the same sound effect is present in an electric cigarette as well. So, even though you smoke a device which is free from toxic fumes, you do feel as though you are actually smoking a regular cigarette.

One of the most essential reasons why even die hard chain smokers prefer smoking e cigarettes is because these smokeless devices are permitted to be smoked in public places freely. Even offices have no objection to these devices being smoked in their premises. This allows the smoker to remain positive and free from the usual stress and allows him/her to increase his/her productivity at all times. At the same time, smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes have clearly acknowledged the fact that they ended up saving 75% of their original cost. The huge savings offered by e cigarettes have lured several smoking enthusiasts to smoke these devices instead of the traditional cigarettes.