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Electronic cigarettes have always fascinated the likes of smoking enthusiasts the world over. One of the main reasons why even die hard chain smokers are often considering quitting the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes and opting for e cigarettes is simply because the latter is free from tobacco. It is a well known fact that tobacco is also considered a silent killer as it is potentially harmful for the human body. In fact, when tobacco is burnt, it emits smoke, which in turn is known to pollute the environment. An e cig, on the other hand, is considered to be a non polluting device as it does not emit smoke, owing to which, it is also being considered a precious commodity by those individuals who simply cannot hope to quit smoking cigarettes permanently.

While electric cigarettes have indeed managed to captivate the likes of die hard chain smokers as well as new smoking enthusiasts the world over, numerous unanswered questions still remain hidden deep in the blossoms of such smokers and e cig lovers. This is when the need to unlock the mystery on electronic cigarettes is considered vitally important as well as imperative. The elite review panel at has therefore decided to spend adequate time reading through queries put forth by readers and provide accurate answers for the same. By doing so, the review panelĀ  hopes to unlock the mysteries which still surround this smokeless device and allow smokers to choose the best e cigarette brand with utmost ease.