Chewing tobacco is a highly addictive habit, which is known to cause irreparable damage to the human body. As per several reports and research studies, it has been found that in just half an hour, the person who chews tobacco is known to ingest the ill effects generated by four regular cigarettes. So, in a single can of chewing tobacco, you can actually ingest as much as 60 cigarettes. This is extremely harmful for the human body.

chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is considered safer than smoking cigarettes by many but in reality this is just another myth, which needs to be corrected through the means of facts and figures. When you chew tobacco, you ingest as many as 25 known carcinogens that are cancer causing in nature. Cancers of the pharynx as well as the throat are very common when you chew tobacco. The mouth, the cheek, the gums, the lips as well as the teeth are also known to get affected with cancer when you chew tobacco on a regular basis.

At the same time, it has been noticed that those who chew tobacco develop tumors on their faces, which need to be removed surgically. This disfigures the face completely and forces the person to seek a corrective surgery, which again is very expensive and a painful procedure. As per a recent research study, 91% of all patients who developed oral cancer were known to chew tobacco on a regular basis. In case you chew tobacco, your chances of developing oral cancer are increased by 50% as compared to an individual who does not chew tobacco.

When the discussion revolves around tumors then without a shadow of a doubt, 90% of all those who suffered from facial tumors were chewing tobacco. Leukoplakia is yet another condition which tobacco chewers are known to develop. This leaves discolored patches on the insides of your cheek but is not painful in nature. Nonetheless with time, cancerous tumors can develop in and around the regions affected by Leukoplakia. You also have a 40% increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular disorders if you chew tobacco.

Several tooth and gum diseases have been known to originate from chewing tobacco. Tobacco has a tendency to corrode the tooth and this in turn causes cavities. Alternatively, some companies use sugar to even the bitter taste of tobacco, which in turn leads to cavities as the tooth enamel is constantly exposed to these artificial sweeteners.