A disposable electronic cigarette is undoubtedly a suitable option when you do not wish to take along a complete starter pack while on the move. Disposable electronic cigarette has gained popularity ever since chain smokers from across the globe realized the importance and benefit of smoking E Cigarettes as compared to the hazardous ordinary cigarettes. Besides, with the batteries starting to last longer and the prices of E Cigs starting to fall with improvement in technology, smoking individuals from all over the globe have realized the importance of inhaling nicotine using their top E Cigarette brands.

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But why a disposable electronic cigarette? Here’s why…

Convenient to Carry

The main reason why people prefer using disposable E Cigs is simply because they are easy to handle and very convenient to carry. You certainly don’t have to store them in a particular place and you can simply put them in your shirt pocket and travel wherever you go. You need not allocate a predetermined storage space for the same.

Affordable In Nature

Without a shadow of a doubt, a single E Cig which is also disposable is less expensive than an electronic cigarette starter kit. Disposable E Cigarette price can range from ten to twenty dollars on an average and while it may come out slightly steep as compared to the items placed under a regular E Cig kit, it is an easy option for those who simply have ten to twenty dollars to spare.

Great Gift Item

In case you happen to befriend a chain smoker or God forbid, one of your close friends or family members falls under this category, then you would certainly like him to quit inhaling deadly tobacco and urge him/her to buy electronic cigarette instead. To be on the safe side, you need to first test the waters. What if your chain smoking friend likes another flavor or dislikes the concept of smoking an E Cig altogether? You cannot waste an entire kit as it costs hundreds of dollars. A disposable option is best suited in such scenarios.

Johnny Depp Used It

In case you have seen the movie ‘Tourist’, you may have noticed Johnny Depp smoking a disposable E Cig. So, when he can endorse such a safe and healthy smoking option, I am sure there must be must more to it than just hype. Besides, being completely tobacco free, it comes with several flavors and you also have the option of choosing varying nicotine strengths in your E cigarette.

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