Without a shadow of a doubt, smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes can be considered as a habit, which is symbolic to causing irreparable harm to the human body. Not only does smoking a regular cigarette become the leading cause for several fatal ailments in a human being, it can also be considered a bane for bodybuilders. While some bodybuilders are of the opinion that smoking cigarettes is healthy, as it helps them concentrate more on their sport, the fact remains that what seems to be an increase in concentration levels, is merely the high levels of nicotine and other harmful chemicals, which enter the bloodstream via the cigarette smoke, thereby leading to a feeling of “increased concentration”.

It has been clinically proven that when you continue to smoke regular cigarettes, high amounts of highly toxic compounds accumulate in your vital organs and with time, these chemicals start to decay your body parts, thereby leading to an untimely and a rather painful end. This is one of the main reasons why tobacco smoke is often termed as a taboo for the human health and even society has started to shun those individual who are habitual of smoking tobacco cigarettes. In fact, several reports have confirmed that the present day society has started to ignore those individuals who are habitual of smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

When a bodybuilder starter to smoke cigarettes, he is bound to damage several vital organs including the cervix, the lungs, the pancreas, the kidney, the lungs, the heart as well as the stomach. All these organs are vital for developing a fit and a healthy body. Hence, when any one of these organs is damaged, the fact remains that the concerned bodybuilder is simply unable to achieve any suitable gains in terms of his muscle growth. In fact, most bodybuilders who are also chain smokers often suffer from digestion related problems and they are often seen complaining about their breathing mechanism as well.

Harsh chemicals such as benzene, asbestos, as well as ammonia are known to be present in tobacco cigarettes, which in turn are considered to be highly toxic and really bad for the human body. A single cigarette is known to contain over 4000 highly toxic chemicals, of which, over 40 chemicals have been known to be carcinogens. For those of you who are not aware, carcinogens are defined as those chemicals, which have the ability to cause cancer in human beings.

The only reason why bodybuilders prefer smoking tobacco cigarettes while continuing with their workouts is because, the tobacco smoke which they inhale, helps them increase their blood pressure drastically. A heightened blood pressure allows bodybuilders to feel stronger and perhaps allows them to carry forward their workout in a more efficient manner. Nonetheless, this is just for a very short time, as the moment the effect of a cigarette weans, the heart rate comes back to normal, prompting the bodybuilder to smoke yet another cigarette to keep his workout going.

It has been clinically proven that bodybuilders should ideally steer clear of regular cigarettes. An electronic cigarette may prove to be a suitable alternative. This is because an e cigarette does not contain tobacco. Besides, an e cig is also considered a perfect medium for meeting the nicotine cravings of smokers effectively. At the same time, electric cigarettes are cheaper than regular cigarettes and they are also free from the highly toxic second hand smoke, which is symbolic to tobacco cigarettes.