If you happen to puff an e cig and you happen to be a seasoned smoker who is habitual of smoking cigarettes that are laden with tobacco, you shall experience a rather pleasant feeling when you inhale your first puff. An e cig smoker would always try and read through e cig reviews that have been posted at eminent websites, so as to gain vital information on the electronic cigarette starter kits as well as electric cigarette accessories that are making waves and gaining prominence over other e cigarette brands in the smoking niche. A more avid follower of this smoke free niche shall be acquainted with the irony that surrounds an electronic cigarette- the firestorm!

E Cig Forum and Comments

E cig reviews forum have always revealed the shocking effect an e cigarette has left on the minds of smoking enthusiasts the world over. While making an e cigarette comparison with regular cigarettes, most experts were of the opinion that the former were a miraculous achievement in the field of healthy smoking.

As per Madhukar Yadav, Director at Tech-Cigarette.com, “E cigarettes have indeed transformed the manner in which people were habitual of smoking cigarettes. These devices are smokeless, tobacco free and undoubtedly cost effective in nature. I believe the positives that surround electric cigarettes surpass its negatives by miles.”

As per Norman Edelman, the American Lung Association MD and chief medical officer, “Electric cigarettes can be defined as devices which allow a smoker to inhale nicotine, yet there is no presence of tar in them. Nonetheless, to ascertain the probability of harm to the human body, when individual inhales only nicotine can only be stated when proper tests are performed on this device.”

As per FDA spokesperson, Rita Chapelle, “The possibility of abuse as well as addiction pertaining to this product is our prime concern. We do not wish that people should consider this as a safe and healthy alternative.”

The e health cigarette review has diverse offerings in terms of the comments ‘for’ and ‘against’ smokeless cigarettes. Nonetheless, even while reading the best e cig reviews, you shall realize that these devices are undoubtedly free from the harmful chemicals (over 400 in total) as well as the deadly carcinogens (that can cause cancer in humans), which are always present in a single regular cigarette. This is what makes these smoke free devices a suitable alternative to traditional cigarettes. Nonetheless, most medical institutions in the United States have requested a ban on the sale of smokeless cigarettes, probably owing to the direct threat that they provide to regular tobacco filled cigarettes. Some experts are of the opinion that the tobacco lobby is far too strong (both financially as well as infrastructure wise) for e cigarette industry and hence, they would try and force this smoking alternative to shut shop permanently. Nonetheless, the demand for e cig liquid has increased several folds this year.

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The Electronic Cigarette Fact File

Whether or not he FDA would ban the import and sale of electric cigarettes is yet to be seen. Nonetheless, the fact still remains that with each passing day more and more chain smokers are quitting regular cigarettes and opting for electronic cigarettes. If you go through e cig reviews 2012, you shall realize that the total number of electric cigarette brands too have increased several folds in just one year. This clearly showcases the rising popularity of smokeless cigarettes in the international markets.

E Cigs and Gunpowder

Jokes apart, the reason why this sub-heading is ironical because, this smokeless device was introduced in China. Besides giving birth to the best electronic cigarette, China is also known for bringing gun powder into this world. This Chinese invention has picked speed ever since it was introduced in the United States in the year 2007. In China, the first electric cigarette brand was launched by the Ruyan organization. This company was reported to have sold over three hundred thousand cheap e cigarettes in the year 2008. It is also interesting to note that cheap electronic cigarettes are available in the form of a regular cigarette (with special regards to the length and size), a cigar and even a smoking pipe.  Here are a few facts pertaining to this miraculous device:

1)      You inhale the nicotine via a mouthpiece.

2)      A heater is located within the battery that transforms e-liquid into vapor.

3)      There is an option for a manual switch or an automatic switch battery.

4)      A LED light glows when you puff on a cheap electric cigarette.

5)      The cartridge contains liquid nicotine and propylene glycol solution, which is responsible for producing water vapor.

6)      When you inhale the liquid nicotine, it tastes like tobacco and it provides a warm sensation to your throat (nicotine hit).

7)      This vapor quickly disappears and does not cause air pollution.

8)      The liquid nicotine is synthetic and cheap e cigs do not contain any trace of tobacco.

It is also interesting to note that on an average, a suitable e cigarette starter kit costs well within the $100 range and the more advanced versions are well within the $200 range. The cartridges too can be refilled and a fresh cartridge lasts as long as a pack or two of regular cigarettes. As compared to a regular pack of cigarette, which ideally costs $7 on an average in the United States, an electronic cigarette refill cartridge costs a meager $2 on an average. No wonder, the budget conscious smokers prefer puffing the best e cigarettes.

Why E Cigarettes Caused a Firestorm?

The best e cigarette is always a subject of controversy. As discussed above, the FDA, the lung cancer associations, as well as electronic cigarette brands are always juggling statements and placing their viewpoints forward, without reaching to any common or a definite conclusion. At the same time, electric cigarettes have undoubtedly managed to win the support of millions of smokers the world over. This has worried tobacco manufacturing giants, who seem threatened and are trying their level best to somehow regain their past glory with special regards to uplifting the popularity of traditional cigarettes. Owing to this very reason, smoke free cigarettes have become a controversial topic, wherein the love and hate relationship exists and flourishes side by side.